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Released: 2007
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 137 mins.

Tattoos are all the rage and DiSanto has had no problems finding six sexy girls willing to display their 'skin art' as they are fucked. The film features a mix of girls, with the established Isabel Ice and Victoria Brown appearing alongside Killergram favourites Ariana Mistry and Delta White. Relative newcomers Tina Marie and Shay Hendrix also get their chance to star in front of the camera.

With her black top and micro-skirt pulled tight over her bright orange bikini, Ariana dances around showing off her tattooed forearms and thighs. Spotting a cock on the sofa, she heads for it. Wrapping her fingers, with their red painted nails, around the shaft, she guides it into her mouth. Ariana's large hooped earrings swing and sway as her head bobs on the knob. Pulling her panties to one side, she settles down on the dick and gyrates. Dropping forward, she is filled from behind. Turning, Ariana rubs the wet prick over her tits. Her knickers discarded, Ariana ends the session with a little missionary action before catching the guy's cum on her tongue.

Delta White is next to flash her tattoos. Stretched out on the sofa, she slips her boobs out of her lime green dress and plays. A cock appears a few inches from her face. Delta's studded tongue dances over the tip. The guy sits. Delta pushes his prick past her panties as she mounts his rod. Fingers tug at her clit as she bounces. She's pushed onto all fours as the guy fucks her, doggy. Delta spins round to lick her juices from his cock. After shagging spoons, Delta leans against the wall to be taken from behind. The two collapse to the floor to finish off. Jerking on his dick, the guy shoots over Delta's face. Jizz drips off her nose.

Bending forward, Isabel wiggles her bum at the camera. It slowly pans up her black floral dress to the dragon tattoo between her shoulder blades. Raising the hem of her dress, she shows the top of her fishnet stockings and her red and black knickers, with wisps of pubic hair sticking out. Slapping her pussy, she walks towards the guy. Crouching, Isabel fills her face with cock. Gagging on the shaft, spit dribbles over his balls. Isabel wipes the wet dick over her face and continues to deep throat. Moving over the manhood, Isabel slowly sinks down, removing her dress as she rides. The pair fall onto their sides and continue fucking. Pulling open Isabel's pussy, the guy pops in a finger or two. Twisting onto her hands and knees, only cock will do as she bangs back against his balls. Isabel slips her fingers into her fanny as the guy empties his load over her face.

'Red' haired Shay Hendrix may be lacking in the tattoo department, but in her pink and red top with black knickers she still looks sexy. Kneeling on the sofa in her ripped fishnets, she smiles as two cocks appear. Her head yo-yos from side to side as her tongue flicks at the boys. Lifting her top, the two chebs brush against her tits. With a dick in her mouth, Shay guides the second guy into her pussy. Her tits swing and sway as she's spit-roasted. Mounting a guy cowgirl, Shay moves to ride the second reverse, then falls back onto the sofa to be banged by the boys. Holding her boobs, the two shower Shay in spunk.

Tina's jet black hair and olive complexion contrast with the fluorescent pink of her short dress. Kneeling, she lets it ride up over her bum to reveal no knickers. Taking out her tits, Tina teases her pierced nipples. The camera moves over her extensive tattoos. A cock appears. Rubbing at her pussy, Tina moves to take it between her lips and sucks. Settling on the sofa, Tina slips the dick in her pussy and rides it. The two lie down and continue spoons. Pushing herself up, Tina is fucked doggy. She rolls on to her back to finish the scene. The guy pulls out and wanks his cream onto Tina's tongue.

Dressed in black, and with a steel choker round her neck, Victoria eases her boobs out and bites at her nipples as she waits for dick. Lounging back on the sofa, she lifts her booted leg high over her head and pulls her panties tight into her snatch. DiSanto has arranged two guys for this tattooed beauty. They both approach, cocks at the ready. Victoria takes the pair in her mouth. Dribbling and gurgling, she guides the dicks down her throat then takes turns riding their wet pricks. With her black dress bunched round her waist, she kneels to be fucked from behind. Swallowing the second guy, the choker falls from her neck. She smears the cock across her face. Rolling onto her back, Victoria drops her head off the sofa and gets her tonsils poked as a prick is rammed into her pussy. Open mouthed, Victoria waits for the cream. Dollops of it drip onto her tits.

DiSanto and the Killergram team know what's wanted in a good gonzo film and here they deliver. Six great scenes with six stunning girls. Not too many frills, not too much fuss, just hot hard action... And the girls even get to keep some of their clothes on!!!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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