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Released: 2007
Director: Sid Knox (on cover Gregg Alan)
Notes: Diabolic
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Running time: 156 mins.

Natalie Heck finds herself amongst a gaggle of American girls including August, Brianna Love and Nikki Benz and the European starlet Sandra Romain, in Diabolic's gonzo style movie Tease Before the Please. The six scenes are shot in and around a gaudily coloured, airy, Art Deco mansion - the guys and girls competing with bright walls and loud furniture.

The film kicks off with a 30 minute shagathon from August, but as the film progresses the scenes get shorter and shorter. By the time Natalie (who the Americans insist on calling Savannah Gold) appears in her white silk dress with the gaping bust line, she is limited to just over 20 minutes in front of the camera.

Dancing and swaying, Natalie approaches a seated Mark Davis and sits on his lap. Peeling down her top, she thrusts her boobs into his face as she brushes her lilac panties against his prick. Natalie's fingers enter her pussy and play. The teasing is over. Standing, her dress and knickers fall to the floor. Mark laps at her muff and lies her on the mustard yellow couch. Unzipping his pants, Natalie uses her lips to stiffen his cock as her clit is worked on by Mark's tongue. She wanks the tip into her mouth and turns to be taken doggy on the sofa. Grinding and rocking, Natalie rides Mark cowgirl. She spins round and eases the cock into her arse. Ready to cum, Mark fires his load into Natalie's mouth. She smiles and swallows.

Though well shot and lit, the film lacks the verity and energy of others in this genre. Teasing in the scenes is kept to a minimum and in most (including Natalie's and the bouncy Brianna's) the action is limited to long sessions in few positions, with only the camera angle changing. The film is far too similar to others which use the same settings, guys, and girls to make it stand out. Tease Before the Please is watchable but contains nothing special.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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