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Released: 2008
Director: Michael Ninn
Notes: Ninn Worx
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Running time: 134 mins.

Shot in stylish loft apartments and medieval halls, a succession of seductive girls in sexy attire progress across the screen in Michael Ninn's Through Her Eyes 2. The star of the film is Faith Leon. Featuring in three of the five scenes, she is ably supported by Mackenzee Pierce, Nika Norie and the British actress Sophie Dee.

The second scene finds Sophie in the corner of a huge bathroom, admiring herself in a full length mirror, dressed in a silver jacket and jeans. The camera pulls back to reveal the reflection of a guy sitting on the edge of the bath, watching. Slowly, Sophie strips to just her silver stiletto shoes and makes her way towards him. Crouching, she unzips his pants and looking up with her big blue eyes, she slips his cock deep down her throat. Sophie sits on the edge of the bath, running her fingers through the guy's hair as he sucks on her shaven pussy. With his tongue teasing her clit, Sophie wraps her legs around his back and clasps him tight. Lying among flickering candles, Sophie's black hair trails out as the guy enters her pussy. She stands, one leg raised on the bath, to be fucked from behind. The guy falls to the floor. Sophie suspends herself above his dick. He hammers up into her pussy. Waiting open-mouthed, Sophie gets her tongue coated in cum.

Through Her Eyes 2 is full of the visual effects you come to expect from a Michael Ninn film. Girls dissolving into the background and reappearing on the other side of the screen. Jump cut edits during the introductions. Once the action starts, his use of lighting and camera angles is second to none, capturing and highlighting each moment of ecstasy. Throughout the film Faith Leon is alluring and sizzling hot, whether with guys or with girls. The rest of the cast put in performances to match. If you haven't seen a Michael Ninn film, Through Her Eyes 2 is as good as it gets.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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