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Released: 2009
Director: Andrew Youngman
Notes: 21Sextury
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Running time: 168 mins.

Over six nicely shot vignettes, Antyina Rouge, Chloe Delaure, Janet Joy, Victoria Rose, Juliette Shyn and Valery S. play sexy seductresses out to get their man.

Valery's scene starts with the camera slowly panning up, from her strappy sandals to the plunging front of her bright red dress, as she stands in the garden. The top falls open and Valery flashes her breasts. Her hand moves down her body and slips into her panties. Inside, Valery lingers on the stairs. The camera gets a glimpse up her dress. A guy waits at the top for Valery. Undoing his pants, she drops to her knees and fills her mouth with his meat. The couple head for a sofa. Lying between the guy's legs, Valery wanks and licks at his dick. Flipping onto her back, she feels his fingers on her thighs before entering her shaven snatch. Parting her legs, she invites him to taste. Turning onto all fours, Valery is taken doggy. The guy lifts her up and sits with her on his lap. Falling to the floor, Valery slowly lowers herself onto his shaft. Her boobs fall out of her dress as she bounces. Probing Valery's arse, the guy eases in from behind. She takes control for some anal riding. Crouching, the guy jerks at his cheb. Valery's face gets spattered.

With sexy girls and guys and sizzling hot action, Tempter Housewives is a pleasure to watch. The only minor niggle I have (as with other 21Sextury productions) is the menu on the DVD, which is not the easiest in the world to navigate. But given the quality of the film, I can live with that.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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