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Released: 2009
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Ionie Luvcoxxx / Pink Mafia
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Running time: 87 mins.

Dating from 2006, Ionie Luvcoxxx's movie Thrill Bill has taken three years to be released on DVD. Stylistically, the film looks very much like Ionie's 'I Only Luv' series of films, though without the traipsing round town for the intros. It also affords viewers a chance to see Frankie and Majella, both of whom have been out of circulation for some time.

In a chintzily furnished dungeon, bedecked with leopard print cushions and zebra throws, a PVC clad Mistress Rebecca slaps her hand with a crop. Amber is tied up in chains and Rebecca smacks and teases her pussy and tits. Summoning over Stefan Hard, she orders him to suck. Crouching between Amber's legs, his tongue flicks out. Turned onto all fours, Amber fills her face with Stefan's shaft. Her Mistress prods at her pussy and arse. With her bum well spanked, Amber eases herself onto Stefan's dick and starts to bounce. Getting Stefan to lick at her bright red heels, Rebecca lifts her boobs out of her basque and tugs at her nipples. With her knickers peeled down, Stefan works his way up her legs towards her pussy and laps at her swollen lips. Amber sits masturbating as she watches her mistress being fucked. The girls come together to take Stefan's jizz on their faces.

Undoing her red polka-dot bra, Frankie spreads her legs and slips a finger into her panties to play with her pussy. When Tony appears, Frankie abandons her pussy and grabs at his prick. Licking and lapping, she feeds it into her mouth. Crouching on Tony's thighs, in her black high heels, Frankie lowers herself onto his cock. A few strokes and she moves him from her pussy into her arse. Frankie lies on her back as Tony bangs into her bum, only pulling out to cover her tits in cum.

Dressed in black PVC and thigh length boots, Majella shares her bed with a red clad Natalia. Slipping Natalia's boobs out of her bra, Majella tugs and teases her nipples. Body stocking off, she moves down to Natalia's shaven snatch and sucks at her plump pussy lips. Picking up a toy, Majella eases it through Natalia's split crotch panties, making her cry out with pleasure. Pascal arrives and Natalia is sent from the room. Desperate for dick, Majella delves into Pascal's pants and pulls out his prick. Down on all fours, she wants to be fucked hard, doggy-style. The two move to the bathroom. Bent over double with her long dark hair hanging down, Majella is plundered from behind. Pascal fires his load over her back.

Waiting for a mechanic, Natalie Heck leans against a pile of tyres and rubs at her tight black panties. Tony has been watching and his tool is ready for action. Unfastening his overalls, Natalie takes his cheb between her lips and sucks. Releasing her boobs from her red top, she climbs atop the tyres and lets Tony lick at her pussy and arse. Her boobs gently swaying, she's fucked doggy, then turns to be taken missionary. The cameraman's head pops into view as Natalie prepares to ride Tony up her arse. She falls forward on to all fours. Tony shoots his spunk over Natalie's gaping bum.

While the first scene in the film is well shot and of a decent length, the rest of the movie is slightly let down by some sloppy production and brevity of action. Frankie, Majella and Natalie all could have done with a few more minutes of screen time. Consequently, 'Thrill Bill' leaves you slightly disappointed.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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