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Released: 2010
Director: Stuart Canterbury
Notes: Hustler / LFP
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Running time: 112 mins.

Parodies are the order of the day in the States, with all the major studios and producers giving their XXX take on main stream programmes. This time the spoof spotlight has swung on the American version of Celebrity Apprentice, with Kyle Stone taking the part of the wig wearing Mr Trumper.

Taking her place at the table, red-haired Tanya Tate is surrounded by Missy Stone, Jessica Jaymes, Brook Havens and Derrick Price as they wait to hear their challenge. Kyle sets the girls and boys a day to get as much money for charity as they can.

Volunteering as project manager, Tanya sends Jessica to pump the boys' team for ideas. She ends up pumping their pricks.

Lee Banks hopes to get some inside info from Kyle's assistant Kylee Reece. The plan back fires when all she wants to give him is her body.

Out on the streets, Brook hopes Dale DaBone will splash the cash for a good cause once he gets sight of her pussy.

Looking for corporate sponsorship, Missy decides the best way to get Celeste Star to open her cheque book is by spreading her legs for some girl-on-girl action.

Having tried to wheedle his way into the knickers of the girls' team and failing, Kyle's decision is on a knife edge. Project manager Tanya tries to help the amazing wig wearer make up his mind. Sitting on the board room table, she drops her knickers and invites Kyle to lick. Undoing the buttons on her red blouse, Tanya tweaks her nipples as her arse is fingered. Pulling out his prick, Kyle bangs away at Tanya's pussy. She puts her legs on his shoulders to take him deeper. Climbing into the middle of the table, Tanya cries out for more as she slams herself down on Kyle's dick. Back on the floor, Tanya bends forward to be taken from behind, then swings round to catch Kyle's cum in her mouth.

The girls' team can't believe what Tanya has done, but it wins that week's task.

For those who like the parody genre, This Ain't Celebrity Apprentice XXX is a well made mockery of the original. With her red hair, Tanya looks the part as Sharon Osporn, and her performance as a seductress is hot and steamy. Brook Havens also deserves a mention as the scatter-brained 80's pop star Cindi Louper. Girls just wanta have sex is her motto. Overall this is a nicely paced jibe at Celebrity TV.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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