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Released: 2011
Director: Paul Carder
Notes: Booty Box TV / Adult Channel
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 108 mins.

Walking along the street, Jasmine suddenly gets the urge to pee. Rushing up a path she hammers at Mark Sloan's front door. Interrupted, tadger tugging Mark opens the door. Jasmine is impressed by the bulge in his pants. Showing her to the bathroom, Mark stands in the doorway, staring. Jasmine tells him he can watch as she hikes up her skirt and pisses through her white panties. Her damp knickers discarded, Jasmine wants to thank Mark. He sits on the edge of the bath as she peels off her blouse and bra. Delving into Mark's pants, she pulls out his prick. Wrapping her lips around his shaft, she swallows. Getting Mark on the floor, Jasmine wipes her pussy over his face. His tongue flicks and darts at her clit. Bending over the toilet, Jasmine takes his cock in her pussy. They move back to the bath so she can ride Mark's manhood. On her hands and knees, Jasmine orders Mark to spatter her bum with spunk.

Waking up on the kitchen floor surrounded by rubbish, Tony is going through a bad time. Out of work, his wife and kids have just left him. He now has the task of sacking au-pair Valery. Pleading to keep her job, she follows Tony into the bathroom. She is sure there is something she can do to make him keep her on. Dropping to her knees, Valery unzips Tony's jeans and starts to tongue his cock. Her head bobs. Spit drips down her cleavage as she inches the length deep into her mouth. Valery's blue dress falls to the floor. Tony pulls at her panties to get to her pussy. She fingers as he licks her arse. With Tony on the edge of the bath, Valery slips onto his shaft. The pair move across the room to shag over the sink. With her heels hooked over Tony's thighs, Valery slowly lowers herself down to ride him. Mouth open, her pay-off is a facial.

Estate agent Ian shows Tammie around a house. Impressed with the refurbishment downstairs, she wants to check the rest of the facilities. She's impressed by the sizeable bathroom. The two prepare to continue their tour but find the door has jammed. With no escape and a long wait before the joiner turns up, Tammie is in need of a wee. The gallant Ian agrees to turn his back but can't help taking a peek. The sight of Tammie pissing make him hard. He has an idea how they can while away the time and gets his dick out. Tammie squeezes his balls as she sits on the toilet, sucking. Stripping off their clothes, the two climb into the shower for some aquatic sex. Tammie plays the water over herself as they fuck. Dried off, she bends double over the bath to be taken from behind. The two fall to the floor for some spoons action. A little reverse cowgirl follows before Tammie gets her tongue covered in cream.

Demitri is not a happy chappy. His Sunday morning lie in has been interrupted by the alarm going off at his club. Checking the place over, he finds Katie, in her pink silk skirt, fast asleep in the toilets. She comes round as he is about to phone the police. Rather than report her to the law, Demitri decides that Katie can make it up to him in other ways. Boobs out, she smothers his face in her ample cleavage, then crouches down to slap her face with his dick. Trapping Demitri's cock between her tits, she wanks away, then crams him into her mouth. Knickers off, Katie rubs her damp fanny over Demitri's face. Wedged into a cubicle, her stockings start to ladder as she bounces on his cheb. Spread across the vanity unit, Katie is fucked doggy. Demitri turns her over to finish off missionary. Shooting his jizz into her mouth, Demitri hopes Katie has learnt her lesson.

Wearing a pale blue chemise, Syren stands in front of the bathroom mirror putting on her make-up as she gets ready for an important appointment. She turns on the tap but nothing happens. She is stranded without water. A quick call is made to the plumber. He says he'll be round immediately. Syren pours out a glass of wine. By the time Ben turns up the bottle is empty and Syren is slightly tipsy. Taking out his tools he starts to work. Wanting to pee, she enters the bathroom. Ben is about to leave, but Syren tells him to keep working as she sits on the toilet and wets her knickers. Noticing movement in Ben's pants as she pisses, Syren investigates. The plumber's prick out, she wanks and sucks. Ben paws at her breasts. Damp panties off, Syren sniffs at the crotch while Ben's tongue darts over her pussy. Leaning against the basin, she feels the length inside her. Syren sinks to the floor with Ben. Down on all fours, the pair bang away. Having missed her meeting, Syren makes do with a mouthful of cum.

There is no problem with the performances of the girls and the guys. And the subject, which may not be to everyone's taste, isn't dealt with in a tawdry way. However, the film is let down by its visual presentation on the DVD. Initially I thought the disk was at fault, but the replacement behaved in the same way, with jittery and pixelated picture quality whenever there was fast movement. Toilet Trash is a good film let down by poor technical production of the DVD.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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