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Released: 1995
Director: Mitchell Spinelli
Notes: Coast to Coast
Alternate Titles
  • Unplugged
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 87 mins.

Sarah-Jane Hamilton was one of the first wave of British actresses to take America by storm when she arrived in the early 1990s. Her red hair, big boobs and dripping wet pussy made her a big success. Coast to Coast have re-released one of Sarah-Jane's 1994 films 'Unplugged' Banned in Britain on their classic label. The film also feature Nikki Sin, Dallas and D'Amore in this plot based story about a radio presenter.

Sarah-Jane is the presenter of a phone-in show on the BBC (Bonking Broadcast Company?) where she discusses sexual problems and hang-ups. Her first caller has a problem with oral sex; Sarah-Jane calls in technician Mike Horner and demonstrates how it should be done. Grabbing his dick, her bright red lipstick is quickly rubbed off on his shaft as she sucks. Sound engineer Jonathan Morgan joins the pair tugging at her knickers and finger fucking her to orgasm. With her stretched out on the mixing desk, Mike bangs her pussy as she laps at Jonathan's cock. With fluid squirting, the boys spray their loads over her face and pubes. It's all too much for the station manager and Sarah-Jane gets the sack.

In America, Sarah-Jane is looking for a radio station that will use her talents. Snatch FM looks promising but the boss Vince Voyeur is more interested in sex with busty secretary Dallas than interviewing Sarah-Jane.

Given a break, Sarah-Jane is back to her old tricks fingering herself when on air, but the ratings go up. A rather staid producer, Nikki Sin, invites her to stay and the two head back to her house. Sarah-Jane suggests a little girl-on-girl action which shocks Nikki, but the sight of her huge breasts soon has her sucking. Yanking down Nikki's jeans, Sarah-Jane's tongue dances over the damp patch in her floral knickers, her pussy lips are parted and fingers inserted. Sitting on Nikki's face, Sarah moans as she is sucked. She stands and bends forward to have her asre licked. Reaching into her bag, Nikki pulls out a long slim probe which goes into Sarah-Jane's arse. A large pink strap-on appears next and juices drip down the plastic prick.

Next day Sarah-Jane receives a call from one of her regulars, Sean Michaels. She slowly wanks with a big black toy as she talks, leaving a big wet patch on the studio floor. A newly liberated Nikki can stand it no more and dives on John Dough for sex.

Finding her boyfriend wanking as he listens to the radio, D'Amour decides to show Sean Michaels what his cock is really for.

To boost the ratings even higher the station boss decides it's time for an outside broadcast from Sarah-Jane. Wired up she is sent to meet Sean in a hotel bedroom. Lifting her black leather skirt, he flicks his tongue over her clit. She turns to take his cock in her mouth then lies back to be fucked. This is just what the boss wanted... not realising it was a recording of himself and the secretary... Sarah-Jane spins round to be taken doggy, but a few thrusts in her damp hole is all Sean can manage before he cums over her face. The show is a success.

Unlike newer plot-based films where there are four or five longish sex scenes, Unplugged has a smattering of sex throughout with some solos only a few minutes long. This doesn't detract from what is an enjoyable film to watch. OK Dallas's acting is a little on the wooden side, but that is more them made up for in other ways. As for Sarah-Jane and her amazing wet pussy, it's easy to see why the American's were captivated. Watch Unplugged Banned in Britain if you can to see how things used to be.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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