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Notes and Reviews

Directed by Dick Nasty, released in 2000, but copyright 1997, there is probably some crossover with British Anal Babes (either of the two with that title) but this is not exactly the same film as any of his other videos.

  • Dick Nasty meets Donna Warner (looking good with curly blonde hair) and Danielle Kelson at Tower Bridge and persuades them to do a bit of porn video work with him. There is a good bit more chat than is usual with a Dick Nasty video - did he get bored with it later? Back at his house Donna is first - she strips and gives Dick a blowjob while Danielle watches and wanks. Anal (doggy and reverse cowgirl) and facial.
  • Then Danielle starts off with Claudio while Dick recovers and there is more foreplay here. For a time she takes them both on at once, but there is no DP though there is anal. Dick cums over her arse and Claudio over her tits.
  • Dick meets Georgette Neale and Hayley Russell who don't take a lot of chatting up. Back at the house Georgette is first with Dick - bj, 69, anal (spoon and doggy), facial.
  • Hayley takes on Dick Nasty and Kris News while Georgette watches and complains that she only had one stud. The usual sequence but with a third chap joining in for the facials.
  • Dick Nasty finds Lorraine Ansell (as Sara) at a fairground. She doesn't take much persuasion either and back in his bedroom the sex follows the same sequence as before but only with him - bj, 69, anal (doggy), facial.

Not the worst Dick Nasty video, though still fairly routine, it is enlivened by the personalities of the girls involved.

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