< UK Student House 3 R18 DVD available

Released: 2002
Director: Jim Slip
Notes: Black Widow Media / MSS
Alternate Titles
  • British Teen Girls Volume 5 DVD available Sweet Pictures, may be a different edit from the original
  • Cum and Meet the Girls 3
  • London's Sorority House 3 USA
  • UK Student House 3: Cum and Meet the Girls
Notes and Reviews

Third instalment of this excellent series that sees the best of new-ish Brit talent being shamelessly shagged all over the house. This time the director is credited as Jim Slip (made up name surely?).

The show opens with Lucy Law in a very upmarket, spotless and therefore very unlikely student kitchen (a mild criticism of all the locations). Simone-Claire enters with her shopping from the local sex shop which includes a dildo and, surprise surprise, a porno video of their friend Hannah Harper who models to supplement her grant. The girls watch the video, which shows Hannah with Tony de Serghio including anal and ends in a facial.

Both girls are turned on and a lesbian scene ensues when the video ends. An unusual dildo that straps around the girls leg is used extensively. Just before the girls get completely carried away Steve Hooper and Ian/Dirty Dog barge into the lounge, initially Steve pairs with Lucy and DD with Simone, there is partner swapping, anal for both girls and a cowgirl dp for Simone only. The scene ends with facials and cum swapping between Lucy and Simone. Excellent performances all round.

Maxine is in an upstairs bar with an uncredited male barman. The bar is quiet so the barman suggests a blowjob. Meanwhile, downstairs, Angel-Long, Lucy Law, Leyli and a male student turn up looking for work. The second (uncredited) male barman explains that barstaff are expected to be very friendly and wear revealing kit; he takes the girls upstairs leaving the male student to run the bar. Maxine is discovered and runs off, but Lucy, Angel and Leyli are up for it and a group sex scene follows. Leyli has sex with both men, anal for Leyli and Angel, the scene ends with a facial for Angel while Leyli's partner cums over her back. A fine scene despite Maxine's limited action.

Karl Kincaid is back at the house playing scrabble with Summer Nite and Simone-Claire, the girls can only think of dirty words. Karl clears the scrabble from the table and strips the girls for action. All the action takes place on the table and includes plenty of 69 between the girls while Karl pounds away at both ends. Anal and a facial for Simone only. Karl, bless him, is a fine performer but Simone and Summer are big girls with voracious appetites and it might have been better to provide another male to satisfy them fully (and me).

Jessica [8] calls about the spare room but confesses to Ian Tate/Dirty Dog that she's broke and offers herself in payment. Jay joins them in Jessica's new room for a threesome which includes anal and DP, finishing in double facial. An enthusiastic performance from a relative newcomer.

High technical quality, good direction and lots of Brit girls equals excellent value for money. More please.

Review by Bayleaf

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