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Notes: compilation of Angels scenes
Notes and Reviews

DVD (chaptering), thanks to UK Shags for the review copy.

  • Niki and Chris - Nici Sterling (as she later became) in one of her very earliest scenes with Wilde Oscar (as he later became). This is a job interview and she is prepared to do anything to get it. She does - and she does. She strips and they have sex against the desk. This is followed by the second of her Angels b/g scenes on the famous light purple sofa with Chris again, to a cumshot over her tits.
  • Adam and Gilly - Gilly Sampson has sex with Adam on the even more famous Angels dark purple sofa, and then on a bed to facial.
  • Samantha and Gavin - This is A Date With Samantha Jane.

There is some editing of all these scenes I suspect, but that is no bad thing.

Considering the age of the master tapes for this material, this is an excellent conversion to DVD. The picture quality is very good in the Nici Sterling scene, quite good in the Gilly Sampson scene and perfect in the Samantha Jane scene. Congratulations are also in order for preserving these scenes on DVD.

There are previews of other UK Shags titles.

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