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Released: 2002
Director: Corey Jordan
Notes: Anarchy Films
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Running time: 119 mins.

This film is Corey Jordan's expedition into 5 British girls who want their arse holes filled with cock.

Scene 1 sees Alicia Rhodes walking through wasteland in a short red dress. She stops beside a wooden hut to caress her breasts and pussy and give the camera man a brief history of her sex life to date. The action then moves indoors where Alicia continues to tell the camera man of her longing for man meat and soon she is joined by Justin(?). Within seconds Alicia has her tits out of the red dress and she is sucking like mad on cock. The matching red knickers are then pulled to one side to give access to all parts as first the fingers then the tongue is slipped into Alicia's wet pussy. After a quick penis in the pussy cowgirl style, Alicia bends onto all fours to take it in the arse. Plenty of pounding follows with A2M thrown in between the change to reverse cow girl positions. The scene ends with a facial pop shot and Alicia running the cream around her lips.

19 year old "cock hungry" Jamie Woods is next up for anal action. Dressed in a red PVC top and skirt, the scene is shot in a small empty office. Jamie strips, playing with her pussy whilst being interviewed by the camera man and awaiting the arrival of Frazier. His first job is to give her pussy a good licking and fingering (pity about the dirty nails) before he gets his cock sucked. Jamie then perches herself across a corner bench with her legs wide apart allowing Frazier to fuck her pussy. She tastes her juices before swapping places. There are some wonderful shots taken from below as Jamie bounces up and down with Frazier's cock up her bum, climbing off just in time to take his spunk in her mouth.

Chloe, dressed in a tight purple dress, is an anal virgin. This is about to come to an end with the help of Jay and the boot of a cream Rolls Royce which is housed in a large tin garage. Chloe eases her 36Es out of her dress and after moistening his cock in her mouth Jay has a good long tit fuck. It's then legs wide open on the boot and straight up the arse with Chloe screaming how much she is enjoying the experience. Once the boot has been christened it's time for the upholstery with Jay laying across the front seats and Chloe gently guiding his cock up her bum for more fun. As with the other scenes this ends in a facial. What a pity the director didn't decide to go for the pop shot over Chloe's ample breasts ...

Out in the garden Amber Sex is strolling in a short white dress with split midriff. After airing her tits and pussy it's off to an indoor pool for a little lilo masturbation. On climbing out of the water Jay is on hand to dry her down, but his tongue work around Amber's pussy just seems to make it wetter. Amber, with her long blonde hair platted down her back, spends several minutes working Jay's cock in her mouth before turning to be taken in doggie style in the pussy. Jay then lays down with Amber doing the splits and sliding his cock right up her arse. With juices dripping Amber moves to a more conventional reverse cowgirl for the rest of the scene. All this bum banging is more than Jay can stand and he empties his load into Amber's waiting mouth.

The last scene sees Leeds lassie Sheena McGrath in a light pink T-shirt and darker pink hot pants sitting on a sofa. She eases down her pants to reveal a pair of white knickers which she slowly works into her pussy. These too are discarded when Tony arrives. Unlike the other girls in the film Sheena has a natural hairy muff and Tony takes no time in stuffing it, first with his fingers then his cock. Sheena leans over the arm of the settee to give access to the rear and Tony obliges. To increase her enjoyment Sheena slips first one, then two fingers into her damp pussy during the anal sex session. The final pop shot is in Sheena's mouth. She allows the cream to dribble out onto Tony's leg, then uses her tongue and fingers to clean up the mess.

The film combines American style clean, crisp cinematography with some very hot British Babes. If only the traffic noise on the outdoor interviews was missing. Still it's nice to see newer bouncing blondes like Amber and Chloe in a film and is worth buying for those two alone.

Review by Dawn "Hot Tottie" Birtle

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