< UK Student House 4 R18 DVD available

Released: 2003
Notes: Black Widow Media / MSS
Alternate Titles
  • British Teen Girls Volume 1 DVD available Sweet Pictures, may be a different edit from the original
  • Cum and Meet the Girls 4
  • London's Sorority House 4 USA
  • Uk Student House 4: Cum and Meet the Girls
Notes and Reviews

Our house-sharing students are back at another perfectly appointed location.

Louise Louellen has invited a couple of friends, Karina Clarke and Sarah Wright, round to her house. The visitors find Louise's stash of dildos and insist on trying them all out.

A threeway lesbian scene follows with some genuine erotic moments. Early on Karina bends over the coffee table with her knickers round her knees and she stays this way, in shot, while Louise helps Sarah into a very large black strap-on. Louise then applies lubricating jelly to Karina's pussy before penetration.

As the girls arrive, Lee Henshaw and Arran Bawn are taking Amber [5] and Penelope for a picnic. The Champagne flows and soon all four are out of their clothes and screwing on the grass. Partners are swapped and Amber takes an anal from Lee and the scene finishes with facials.

Sarah Beattie, playing the landlady, has been on the pull and has brought Tony de Serghio back to the house. To Sarah's surprise Melissa Walker is already in the bed with Steve Hooper but, game lass that she is, Sarah simply strips off and climbs aboard Steve's cock and fourway fucking ensues. Both girls are double-penetrated and the scene concludes with Tony shooting over Melissa's back and Steve giving Sarah a facial.

Shortly afterwards the landlord (and presumably Sarah's husband) Ian Tate (Dirty Dog) is showing Jamie Woods the same bedroom where he finds his wife's knickers still on the bedpost. Unfazed, Ian continues with the tour which includes an indoor pool and fitness suite - found in all the best student digs - where he finds Summer Nite working out. All three strip off and Ian services both girls including anal, at the end of which all three plunge into the pool.

If this series represents Brit Porn in 2003 then I can't see there's too much wrong with the business. Very pretty girls doing very rude things on screen. Lines are delivered well enough to keep the action moving and the whole premise doesn't require complete suspension of belief.

Review by Bayleaf

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