< UK Student House 5 R18 DVD available

Released: 2003
Notes: Black Widow Media / MSS
Alternate Titles
  • British Teen Girls Volume 7 DVD available Sweet Pictures
  • Cum and Meet the Girls 5
  • London's Sorority House 5 USA
  • UK Student House 5: Cum and Meet the Girls
Notes and Reviews

Early morning, and SH landlord Iain (Dirty Dog) Tate is having breakfast when he answers the door to Layla~Jade and Scarman who claim to be just back from nightclubbing. The guys soon get L~J up on the breakfast bar and out of her (already skimpy) clothes and ready for action. Layla~Jade show just what a pro she is from the first penetration shot, where she lowers herself onto Dirty Dog for an excellent reverse cowgirl. Anal from both guys is followed by a reverse cowgirl dp on a stool, then Layla drops to the floor tiles to take the cum shots over her pussy and chin.

Alicia Rhodes has brought two guys back to her room (Mark and Ali) for just one reason. The guys strip off in no time and lay Alicia across the dining table where Mark slips her thong off and the fucking begins. The noisy action alerts Dirty Dog in the shower, so he comes to investigate. Alicia takes on all three guys in all positions on the table, all guys perform anal and she takes a dp from Mark and Dirty Dog. Scene concludes with facials.

Georgette Neale is holding a sex toy party in the SH living room with Rebekah, Angel-Long, Amanda, Nicola and Jenna Lee. Georgette has a male minder with her, but he disappears as soon as the real action begins. Georgette's holdall contains a cornucopia of dildos which are handed out in a mass of giggling. Angel-Long is first and adopts the position on the coffee table, Georgette drizzles lube over her bum and slips a blue dildo up her arse. The rest of the girls, all of whom have already raided the dressing-up box as we have nurses, maids and pvc outfits, gather round to watch.

Once they get the idea, the girls pair off for pussy licking and dildo action around the room. Georgette produces a suckered dildo that is as big as her forearm, which Rebekah gamely tries to mount, but manages only the first 3 or 4 inches. Poor love, she can't even wrap her hand all the way round it. Georgette shares a double-ender with Rebekah before she calls everyone together for another demonstration of double action on herself. Rebekah tries another solo, using a dildo shaped like a hand and arm! Jenna can get only the fingers inside Rebekah (a bit of rotation might help) as the scene ends.

Jenna has put her nurse's outfit back on as she bids Georgette goodbye. Jenna is alone for just a few moments before boyfriend Alf arrives. The uniform is off again as the pair get down to it on the sofa. Jenna is a slightly chubby girl and the sex, though competent, is uninspiring and this is a weak scene compared with the series' usual standard.

Whilst Layla~Jade and Alicia Rhodes are top girls, and six-way all girl action is interesting, the whole programme seems uninspired and generates little real heat. Lets hope future programmes get the excitement level back.

Review by Bayleaf

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