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Released: 2003
Notes and Reviews

Available mid-June, 2003.

  • Stephanie (receptionist, non sex)
  • Sarah [26] & Tony de Serghio
  • Jackie & Jane Whitehouse
  • Simone-Claire, Karina Clarke and Lee Henshaw
  • Shaz + Brett & Neil

This is the first of a new series from MSS Productions who are responsible for the hugely entertaining Student House series. The four scenes are self-contained, linked only by Stephanie, at Vice Girl control, who books the girls. The action is similar to Student House, but since the guys (and girl) are obviously paying for their pleasure there is more scope for action such as stripping, fetish gear, voyeurism, submissive action and questions like "How do you want me?". The start of another very promising series.

Tony de Serghio arrives at his flat feeling horny, so when a brochure for UK Vice girls falls out of his newspaper he gives them a call. At the other end is a blonde in short skirt and stockings who flashes while she talks. Tony requests a blonde in leather who does anal so Sarah is sent. She treats him to a strip show then uses some dildos before Tony is straight up her arse. The pair then move to the bedroom for more athletic fucking which ends in a messy facial.

Jackie is a businesswoman alone in her hotel room who wants company, so she calls Vice Girls. After the call Jackie removes her knickers and is wanking when Jane Whitehouse knocks on the door. Jackie hurriedly dresses and gives a good flustered performance. A good lesbian scene follows with the girls undressing in stages and using mouths and fingers to good effect. A selection of the latest dildo models are used as well as a double ender. A good show from two experienced performers.

Boss Lee Henshaw calls UK Vice Girls for a tall blonde around 25; 30 minutes later Simone arrives. Lee explains to secretary Karina that Simone has come about the receptionists job. Simone then starts to strip for Lee and sucks him across the desk - just as Karina returns. Quite why Lee needs Simone when Karina is so obviously up for it isn't explained, but soon both girls are putting on a show for the boss. The gg action continues on the couch until Karina gets to sit on Lee in a reverse cowgirl opener. Simone, then Karina, gets it doggy on the couch before Simone gets anal on the floor. Lee returns to Karina to deliver a facial and the scene ends with Simone licking the spunk off her face.

Young Neil & Brett have found the Vice Girls website and want a mature girl with thigh boots. Shaz arrives but needs to change so she's soon into her fishnets and thigh boots. Shaz is pleased with the young ones and allows them to watch her change. Shaz remains in control as she treats them to some deep throating before mounting Neil. Sex follow with both lads on the couch and floor and both give Shaz an anal pounding. Neil's facial is weak and the camera misses Brett's altogether, still Shaz retains her good humour throughout, smiling through a face full of cum.

Altogether a good start, with some nice bits of business over and above the sex - I particularly liked Jackie hurriedly getting dressed to welcome Jane, almost humour. More of these elements will improve the balance and enjoyment of future programmes.

Review by Bayleaf

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