< UK Student House 6 R18 DVD available

Released: 2003
Notes: Black Widow Media / MSS
Alternate Titles
  • British Teen Girls Volume 8 DVD available Sweet Pictures
  • Cum and Meet the Girls 6
  • London's Sorority House 6 DVD available VCA
  • UK Student House 6: Cum and Meet the Girls
Notes and Reviews
  • Ashley Long & Mouse
  • Sheena McGrath & Scarman
  • Melissa Walker, Ashley Long & Jirina + Frazer Fox and Neil
  • Ebony & Dimitri

Episode six, and in this episode of our favourite porno-soap there is quite a lot of continuity between scenes.

This gives a modest storyline to what are still a series of stand-alone fuck scenes, with Ashley Long appearing in three of the four scenes. Good to see Sheena McGrath in boy-girl action, rare at the time of release, and a new black girl Ebony. As well as SH regular boyfriends there are a couple of new guys visiting the house.

Mouse and Ashley Long are in the Student House Garden. Mouse, (5'3" with a running style reminiscent of Barbara Windsor), is supposed to be Ashley's (5'11", fit, lithe, tanned) fitness instructor - some casting problems here. After some light physical jerks the pair go inside to the pool where Mouse finds an extraordinary black dildo. The dildo is on a large 'T' rod which, when the cross piece is strapped to Ashley's ankles, allows the dildo to be inserted and she pleasures herself simply by bending her knees. Further single, double and anal (Ashley only) dildo action ensues in a moderately erotic les scene.

As is usual in the Student House no-one knocks on doors so Scarman and Sheena McGrath walk in on the girls just as they've finished each other off. Mouse has another appointment and waddles off, but Ashley confesses to being 'incredibly horny' so the three retire to a bedroom.

There is a little bit of snogging between the girls while they get undressed before the three-way action starts. Sheena is much more active here than in her first b/g scene in British Lollipops; while Ashley sits on Scarman's face Sheena feeds his cock into herself. Throughout the scene Sheena gets more of the action, which includes anal in reverse cowgirl, and there are some very erotic moments as both girls wiggle their bums in the air and Scarman does them both doggy style. The scene ends with a double facial and Ashley skips off with a cheery 'Thanks for the fuck'.

From time to time in tv soaps the cast have an awayday and SH is no exception. Here we find Melissa, Ashley and Jirina enjoying themselves on Brighton Pier along with Frazer Fox and a new uncredited lad (a great piece of casting as he actually looks about 17). Our 5 housemates have some fun on the dodgems and log flume then it's back to the hotel bedroom for action.

Melissa takes charge and instructs everyone to get undressed and, while Ashley and Frazer get down to business, Melissa coaxes our debutante's prick to life. Once hard he performs with the rest and both boys have all the girls in a long five-way session. Fortunately our girls packed a particularly large black dildo so all the girls can have their pussies full all the time. Eventually the action centres on Ashley who gets the anal treatment from both boys before a dp. The scene ends with facials all round. A great scene which seems churlish to criticise, but I did find Ashley's almost continuous nasal 'mmm-nnnn-yeee-aaah' just a tad forced.

Ebony, a gorgeous black girl, is in the SH kitchen having been abandoned (she says) by the rest of the girls who have gone to Brighton. Fortunately Dimitri is still around, and the pair go upstairs for sex. Strangely Ebony is dressed like a stripper, little black dress, thong and red hold-ups, but these come in handy as she undresses for Dimitri. Once down to her stockings she sucks Dimitri off, then there is an abrupt cut to some doggy fucking with Ebony's stockings shredded, which suggests some last-minute cuts. The action is fast and furious ending with a cumshot over her belly.

Review by Bayleaf

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