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Released: 2003
Notes: MSS
Alternate Titles
  • British Teen Girls 10 DVD available Netherlands, Sweet Pictures
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Available Summer, 2003.

  • Rebekah Jordan, Ashley Blue + American stud
  • Karina Currie & Sarah [26] as Sarah Lou
  • Sean & Karina Clarke
  • Carley, Ian and Tony James

Terence Watkins is at the directorial helm for this eighth outing for the sex-mad girls in the Student House. Though the format is well established there are enough fresh ideas and new girls to keep the interest high.

Karina, Sarah Lou and Rebekah are having a coffee and a chat in the SH kitchen. Rebekah says she is expecting some friends from America - cue doorbell - and she leaves to let them in. While Rebekah and Trent, her American male friend, are alone in the lounge she explains that she has taken up table dancing to supplement her student grant and offers a preview. By the time Ashley Blue returns, both friends are naked in a big armchair and Rebekah has her mouth round his cock. Ashley is a very neat, slim brunette with no obvious tattoos who strips and joins in the sucking before Rebekah is first with a reverse cowgirl. Ashley, in the American way, follows with a straight to anal cowgirl and then the scene gets really dirty. Doggy vaginal and anal sex follows with both girls performing A2M. The scene climaxes with a facial for Ashley who drips the cum from her mouth to Rebekah's, then some strong tongue to tongue action completely mixes the bodily fluids. Great.

Karina, in a short skirt and black holdups and Sarah Lou in a red gingham dress and white patent thighboots, are still in the kitchen. Perhaps the sound of the action from the lounge has turned them on as they rush upstairs to work their way through a new collection of dildos. The scene has a surreal feel because, while many of the SH rooms are lightly furnished, this one is completely empty so the action takes place on the bright red carpet surrounded by lime green walls. Both girls take the purple ribbed, the yellow double ender and the red strap-on to the hilts and finish off with some joint solo work.

Karina (Clarke's) boyfriend Sean is taking a bath when she comes in with a bright blue dildo left over from the previous scene. Karina is only wearing her undies which she slips off, sits on the loo and gives Sean a very sexy private show before joining him in the bath. Karina has been around for a while looking extremely sweet and elegant and now she has stepped up to boy-girl. The sex is fairly tame, but she puts in a strong performance working hard at a reverse cowgirl. Ends with a facial.

Without preamble the final scene opens with Carley, wearing only her bra, getting a good tonguing, doggy fashion, from a stud I haven't scene before, Tony James. Carley is quite a chunky girl and she calls a halt for a comfort-break. On her way to the bathroom, still in bra and high heels, she is intercepted by landlord Ian (Dirty Dog) Tate, who wants his rent but is willing to take something on account. Carley gives him a bj on the landing, then Tony comes looking for her. She gets fucked by both guys, then they all return to the bedroom for more action which soon includes anal from Ian and dp's in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Tony comes over her bum and Ian over her face.

Review by Bayleaf

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