< UK Student House: Best of Lesbian 1 R18 DVD available

Released: 2003
Notes: MSS compilation
Alternate Titles
  • Lesbians Vol. 1
  • UK Student House Lesbians Vol. 1 DVD available Black Widow Media / MSS
Notes and Reviews

Available July, 2003.

  • Laura Michaels and Hannah Harper
  • Angel Long and Leigh Brooke as Devon
  • Melissa Walker and Cat
  • Louise Louellen, Karina Clarke and Sarah Wright
  • Tracy, Mouse and Linda [2]
  • Karina Currie and Sarah [26] as Sarah Lou

Some of the scenes in this programme have been included in SH episodes and some are previously unreleased. The scenes don't have the set-up introductions seen in the original videos but plunge straight in to the action.

The first scene starts with Hannah Harper taking a pee in the bathroom, then she uses a phallic aerosol to start pleasuring herself. Outside Laura Michaels hears Hannah's groans and gets turned on herself. Hannah opens the door and both girls embrace and start to kiss. The action in this scene is extraordinary and at times it's hard to believe the girls are acting, particularly with the extended bouts of noisy tongue on tongue action. Licking is followed by dildo action and strap-on - Laura on Hannah and Hannah on Laura. Superb.

The second scene is taken from SH One with Angel Long and Leigh Brooke. Both girls are on a bed, snogging is followed by vigorous dildo action - vaginal and anal - on Angel. Angel uses a small strap-on on Leigh, then the action is reversed with a reverse cowgirl for Angel.

Melissa Walker and Cat give a quick brush of the lips to establish contact followed by some brief pussy-licking then Melissa uses a purple dildo on Cat who needs lots of spit to lubricate her pussy. Melissa then stands, looking out of the window, while Cat dildos her from behind.

Louise, Sarah & Karina in their threeway scene from SH4. The girls try out a range of dildos in the SH sitting room. This is an excellent scene with dildos and strap-on use and many very arousing moments as the girls use toys on each other, especially when two dildos are strapped to Louise's thighs so that Sarah & Karina can mount each one. Includes anal, dp.

Tracy and Angel have Mouse on the sofa, who seems reluctant at first, but once the girls are stripped off the action warms up. Plenty of fingering, licking and dildo use before Mouse puts on a big black strap-on and doggy-fucks both Tracy and Linda who pose side by side. The scene ends in this position with three-way tongue action.

Karina (Currie) and Sarah Lou in their scene from SH8. The relatively straightforward action starts with some small dildo use on each other followed by a 69 session on the carpet. Then the technicolor big toys come out: purple dildo stick, yellow double-ender and bright red strap on.

Anyone who enjoys lesbian action should have this film in their collection with 13 top names from current Britporn. Even those who are not big fans of girl-girl action should find something arousing. The first scene with Hannah and Laura is a classic.

Review by Bayleaf

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