< UK Vice Girls Vol. 2 R18 DVD available

Released: 2003
Alternate Titles
  • British Teen Girls Volume 2 DVD available Sweet Pictures, may be a different edit from the original
Notes and Reviews

Uk Vice Girls is a provider of personal services to both girls and guys. Run by Stephanie, the film opens as she is auditioning a potential new recruit, Rebecca Dee.

Rebecca has just got her top off when a randy Frazer Fox phones requesting the services of the Longs, Ashley and Angel. This is the first time I have seen Ashley and Angel together and they don't disappoint.

Frazer requests a show, having thoughtfully put a couple of cushions on the coffee table. By the time the girls are stripped to their black stockings and vigourously tonguing each other 69-style, Frazer can wait no more and mounts Ashley. Sex continues in several positions with both girls on the table before Frazer takes Angel to the sofa for the only anal - in reverse cowgirl - after which he spends his load over both girls' faces.

Back at the office the recruitment interview has moved to the bedroom when Stephanie's mobile rings. Its Dawn Slater, who's husband is away, and who would like Jo May to pop round for some fun. Dawn takes Jo straight to the bedroom for some action with a large dildo, then she takes a bunch of neckties from the wardrobe and secures Jo to the bed for more action. Jo returns the favour by way of a large black strapon which Dawn lowers herself onto, Jo stuffs another large dildo up her pussy which is enough to bring both girls to orgasm.

Kristy is a recently divorced mum who is short of bedroom action so she gives UK Vice a call to get Steve Hooper round. She calls Stephanie, who is now naked and getting her pussy licked by Rebecca. While waiting for Steve, Kristy changes into a little black dress, stockings, bra and pants in her bedroom, then returns to the dining room where the action starts immediately. With just her knickers off, Kristy is shagged on the table and then on the stairs and finally in the bedroom she is shagged in just stockings. Steve then provides a facial. The sequence also throws up a question of sexual etiquette, to peel or not to peel? During the dining table action Kristy reaches into the fruit bowl for a banana which she peels and inserts into her pussy. Obviously softer than an unpeeled fruit the banana breaks, but she is wet enough to continue with Steve nibbling the fruit.

Back at the office things are hotting up with Stephanie using a dildo on Rebecca who is on all fours on the bed. This action doesn't stop as Arran Bawn calls from his trendy loft apartment requesting an American couple. Stephanie is so engrossed with Rebecca that she forgets to call the couple, but no matter, Ashley Blue and Trent turn up anyway and perform for Arran before he joins in. Ashley, who is a delight with small boobs and hard body, appeared with Trent in Student House 8 and deserves an honorary listing here if she continues to perform in UK programmes. After taking both guys together in reverse cowgirl she takes both loads in her mouth.

Another fine blend of established talent and new faces. Producers MSS have found another winning formula and have worked hard at linking the scenes through the madam, Stephanie, and on this occasion her seduction of Rebecca. Of course they don't go all the way, all the more reason for looking forward to VG3! If I have one small niggle, does every scene have to have to end with the line "Will you be be using UK Vice Girls again?" ?

Review by Bayleaf

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