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Released: 2003
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Round at the UK's neat and tidiest Student House some new house mates have arrived for the new term. Hungarian Kat Varga bursts in on Jo May and Vicky to tell them about her night of passion with studs Simon and Guy. Although the housemates mention the noise from Kat's room, the action takes place in the lounge where, no sooner had she got drinks for the boys they had got their knobs out and a lot of sucking follows. Sex proper starts doggy style on the coffee table, first with Guy then Simon. The action moves to the sofa with Kat having one cock in her pussy and one in her mouth at all times. A reverse cowgirl vaginal turns into anal with Guy then Simon then Guy joins in for the dp. Kat turns over and the dp continues until Guy cums over her buttocks, then Kat announces she wants to drink Simon's cum, gets a glass and urges Simon to provide a sample. Despite a small and sticky amount, the scene ends with Kat drinking from the glass.

Obviously the story has turned all three girls on and a long three-way lesbian scene ensues on a big double bed. This includes several dildoes of all sizes in all places. Kat then finds a small pad device, carefully boxed, called an EZ-Pleaser Vibe which Jo demands to try. Whether this vibrates or produces small electric shocks is not clear and having it inserted in her pussy has no remarkable effect until just as it's removed she squeals in surprise. Neither of the other girls try it and the scene concludes with Kat getting a dildo dp from the others.

Lee Henshaw and girlfriend Paige are down by the pool. Lee, bollock naked, is sitting wanking in a chair while Paige works out on the rowing machine. No wonder Lee has such a hard on, Paige is rowing in a red strappy top and no knickers! More than he can stand, Lee moves into the rower's seat while Paige straddles him and receives his growing stroke rate. The action has moved to the table, when Angel, who seems to be another foreign student, appears at the door wearing just bra and pants, and wanting help with her homework. Well there's just one sort of homework in this house and she's soon treated to a sample of Lee's tool. The action continues with Lee swapping between both girls and includes anal with Paige and ends with a facial for Angel.

Cheryl and Sam have foolishly agreed to play strip-snap with Jazz - who admits to making up the rules as he goes along. Inevitably the girls are soon naked, having their knickers removed by Jazz's mouth. Once again the casting here is top notch with the fair big-boobed Cheryl paired with Sam who is black has small boobs and a neat firm body (despite a bikini line Caesar scar). Cheryl is first to receive Jazz's attention as she lays back across the bed allowing her big natural breasts to spread over her chest. Sam then gets a good seeing to which, after some further swapping, progresses to anal. Cheryl puts the house's big black strapon dildo on so that once Sam has settled, reverse cowgirl, with the black monster up her bum, Jazz can complete the dp with his cock buried in her pussy.

Director Jim Slip is back for this episode and maintains the usual high standard. Excellent casting of fresh talent and good performances provide plenty of novelty and variety combined with clean and tidy production values.

MSS have demonstrated that it is possible to produce good honest Britporn which, I expect, is quite profitable, particularly through the London Sorority House franchise by which this series is known in the US. I hope that the series will continue to mature and for my part, I would welcome more plot development and linking of scenes; how about a nice big house-party guys?

Review by Bayleaf

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