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Released: 2003
Notes: Rude Britannia/Pornotastic
Notes and Reviews

The idea behind this offering from new UK production company Pornostatic is a celebration of British interracial action. Over the last year or so the number of working black porn actresses has grown enough to make such an undertaking possible. Regrettably this production does nowhere near justice to the performers.

Some of the action is top rate, there's a contemporary feel to the camerawork and the whole thing is presented in fashionable widescreen format, but the overall impression is a mess. Shots are out of focus, the lighting is often dire, hands, feet and bodies of the crew are seen scrabbling out of shot or caught in mirrors and the incessant flash of the stills man make some scenes virtually unwatchable. Indeed the programme should come with a strobe warning for epileptics such is its intrusive nature. No-one can be blamed 'cos no-one puts their names on the credits, just the production company. There are some very good companies making Britporn, but at the moment Pornotastic ain't one of them.

Alicia Rhodes, in black pvc, starts the show with Hardzebone, a well-endowed black dude, on the sofa. Alicia takes his whole length in her mouth before doing the same with her pussy and takes his full condom-wrapped length in many positions. Alicia looks great with a performance to match.

Kym Morgan is in a conservatory and starts in conversation with the cameraman. Chris Romeo is introduced as Dan Dares, but thereafter referred to as Chris, and he and Kym get down to sex (with condom). The action is quite good although lacking in much passion. At the end, Kym urges Chris to come inside her, which he presumably does, as they both relax, but the scene ends before Chris pulls out and he's got a condom on anyway ... a missed opportunity.

In the next scene, Carley, as Randy Rain, and Sandy (a slim black girl in a long blonde wig) are in action together while Caitlin entertains white Slick Rick on the sofa. The gg action includes dildoes then the girls move onto the sofa as Caitlin takes Slick's cock in her mouth. The girls move away without much direct contact with Slick as Caitlin gets on top of him. The action continues (with condom) on the sofa and the floor before Slick comes over Catlin's tits.

The next scene has all the girls in a bath for a lesbian threesome, all the girls, especially Sandy, get to use a long black bendy dildo. Suddenly a white male torso appears and Caitlin wanks the guy off over her tits. There is an abrupt cut to Caitlin alone in the bath with another white guy who she obliges which another hand-job over her tits.

The next scene has Nina, a voluptuous dark skinned Turkish looking girl who is new to me, in action with Marc Jacobs, a slim black guy. After an interview with the cameraman and some solo fingering, Marc joins Nina and the action begins. Nina removes her sheer black dress to reveal a sheer black body and stockings. The action here is the most enthusiastic and noisy of the whole programme and borders on the excellent - if it wasn't for those bloody flashes. Despite his best efforts, Marc can summon only a very meagre climax.

Kyla is in red pvc bra and microskirt cleaning the kitchen and chatting with the cameraman waiting for her white husband to come home. When he arrives she immediately opens his flies and gives him a blowjob; end of scene. Disappointment or what?

The dvd has two other interview scenes with Randy and Sandy Smith where they talk about themselves and their sexual exploits, while playing with themselves.

Because this programme could have been so good it is all the more disappointing that it isn't. Still, there is much promise shown here and I look forward to more stuff from this production team.

Review by Bayleaf

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