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Released: 2003
Director: Anna Span
Notes: Easy on the Eye / Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Five separate scenes from the female porn director Anna Span which seem to be new and not releases of previous satellite programmes. While the sex is just as explicit, Anna's scenes are less dominated by sex and involve longer build-ups with quite a lot of dialogue.

Tony de Serghio is a lecturer at the school of gynaecology, giving a talk to three students on female anatomy, and Teoni is the subject. Teoni arrives, strips behind a screen and changes into a surgical gown. On the medical couch and suitably lubricated with jelly, the students conduct an internal examination using vibrators in both orifices. Dr Tony is keen to move on and, after applying more lubrication with his tongue, inserts his cock into Teoni. After a few positions, a student takes over and continues until he cums over her bum while the other two watch. Everyone then gets dressed, cleans up and leaves with the instruction to write an essay on the subject.

Bonnie Heart is stuck up a tree and her friend Tyrelle has called the fire brigade. The boys of blue watch arrive looking like the Keystone Fire Brigade and rescue Bonnie while getting a good look at her knickers. Guy and Demitri take the girls to the edge of the field, but it's a bit cold so they return to the vehicle for sex. In the cramped cab, Guy fucks Bonnie and Demetri Tyrelle while Kamlett and Louis, their two mates, watch and wank. Bonnie wanks Guy over his torso and Tyrelle takes Dimitri in her mouth.

Soaking in the bath, Kristie Jade is disturbed by a suspected burglar. She calls the police and PCs Sloane and Henshaw arrive. Kristie has put a few (skimpy) clothes on and the guys quiz her. Eventually they take down a few particulars so that Kristie can suck their cocks. Now out of their clothes, the three move to the bedroom where Kristie gets on top of Lee and sucks Mark. After a short while Mark moves around to fuck her arse at the same time then he cums over her bum followed by Lee. They all then get dressed and the scene ends.

Steve Hooper is in hospital after rectal surgery. Nurses Alyssa Jenkins and Sarah Greenwood have come to bath him, but Steve isn't keen. As nurses, the girls get their way and they gossip while they work, ignoring Steve, just like the NHS. What doesn't happen in the NHS is that they take their tits out while they work and, when finished, Alyssa removes her knickers and mounts Steve's cock revealing her stocking clad legs. Steve is moved to the floor where Sarah takes advantage of the prone Steve while Alyssa plants herself over his face. The girls then remove the industrial strength condom he has been wearing and wank him to climax.

Candice and Alicia are playing football on the office roof in sports kit, when they stop for a bit of gg action. Meanwhile the building is being used for army training and a bunch of squaddies invade the roof and discover them. Three privates take the girls to a store room where Candice pairs off with James while Alex and Scott take on Alicia. Candice has sex with James and Alicia with one of the soldiers while the other just gets a good feel. At the end Alicia is seen reading the soldiers pocket book.

Five excellent scenes with hard sex action mixed with some amusing build ups and a chance for some of our favourite porn performers to do a bit more than shag. First class production values too, good locations, lighting, sound and editing. Just once or twice I would have liked to see a little more sex, such as from Kristie Jade who spends little more that 5 minutes with Mark and Steve, but still a very enjoyable film. I look forward to seeing more stuff from Anna.

Review by Bayleaf

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