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Released: 2004
Notes and Reviews

Student landlord Ian Tate has moved to new premises, although it's hard to see how he can afford to, since he seems to take sex in lieu of rent from most of the girls.

Ian is in charge of the barbeque when Danielle tells him to take a look at what Mark Sloan and April are up to by the outdoor pool. Mark is actually up to his balls in April's mouth, so Danielle starts on Ian and both couples fuck alongside each other. After swapping partners the sex continues in most positions, then Mark lubes Danielle's bum allowing Ian to fuck her up the arse and this leads to a cowgirl DP. The scene ends with both guys wanking over the girls' bums.

April wanders off naked and finds Eden down by the river with a couple of industrial grade vibrators. Eden has been watching the action by the pool and is now up for some lesbian action. Cue plenty of kissing, sucking and dildo action. This scene is filmed in a very exposed location with the girls leaning against a small cabin-cruiser moored against the bank while they stick vibrators up each other. This is a nice scene with plenty of kissing and stroking.

Inside the house, Keira is putting on a show with Karla for Ian. Keira explains the house shagging policy before performing with Karla. The girls are in 69 on the sofa when Ian joins them. Keira explains that she is opening Karla for Ian as she finger fucks her, but it's Keira's pussy that is filled by Ian's cock first. Ian then fucks Karla from behind, returns to Keira, then back to Karla who he fucks up the arse after Keira has helpfully smeared her bum cheeks with lube and saliva. Karla sits on Ian's cock while Keira masturbates alongside, then Ian withdraws and spunks all over Karla's face.

Later, Keira is in the garden with Guy. Keira explains that she's studying "fitness or something, aren't I?". Come on guys, surely Keira can remember one line? However Guy is studying quantum physics and Keira says she's up for a big bang (geddit?) when Tony de Serghio arrives and a threesome develops. Keira proves well up to the task of satisfying two top studs as she is shagged on the patio, and a handy sofa, in all positions. Eventually the action moves to Keira's bum and she takes both guys up the arse before a (brief) cowgirl DP. Guy and Tony then deposit copious amounts of spunk into her mouth. End.

Even after ten outings, the Student House team keep this series interesting with three of the four scenes shot outside. Good talent too, with fine performances from all the girls who, apart from the ever-reliable Danielle Louise, are relative newcomers.

Review by Bayleaf

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