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Released: 2004
Director: Will Wix
Notes: Astrux Entertainment
Alternate Titles
  • Up in Da Club: LA
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 117 mins.

With a very tenuous link to clubbing, Up in the Club: LA appears to be a strange title for this film which contains five vignettes starring Dani Woodwood, Taylor Rain, Barbii Buxx and the British girl Estella (as Essy Moore). Apart from the initial glimpse of the girls enjoying a drink, the action takes place in garages, apartments and the obligatory hotel bedroom. It's in the last of these where Estella makes her appearance.

Tumbling into a room with Will Power, the door has hardly time to swing shut before Estella slips out of her short black dress. Heading into the bathroom, Estella leans on the basin as fingers are slipped into her pussy. She moans at herself in the mirror. Leading Will to the bed, she pushes him back, grabbing his erect cock and wanking. Her tongue flicks over the tip as he plays with her tits. Crouching astride Will's shaft, Estella lowers herself down and grinds against his balls. Pillows are sent flying as the two fall onto their sides to shag spoons. Rolling onto all fours, Will thrusts into Estella's pussy. She wants more. He fills her arse. Twisting round, Estella takes Will's cum over her tits.

Sympathetically shot in warm subtle tones, this film isn't going to set the world on fire. But if it's a nice gentle watch to wind down at the end of the day that you're after, it hits the mark.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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