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Released: 2004 (2006 for DVD)
Director: Tushna
Notes: Score
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Running time: 80 mins.

Shot in the United States during 2004, a nervous and young looking Alexis introduces herself as she sips on a glass of white wine in a pavement cafe. She talks about her fantasies with boys and girls, as well as what she likes to do alone at night. Each is played out in the following three scenes.

Alexis watches a movie while sitting on the sofa with her big breasted friend, Luna. The girls share a lollipop and pretend to give it a blow job. The two start to kiss as their hands explore each other's bodies. Tops are removed and the two squash their boobs together. Luna rubs the sticky sweet over her nipples. Alexis flicks her tongue to lick them clean. The girls lose their knickers. Luna moans as she is fingered. Alexis laps at Luna's stubbly snatch. She turns to sit on Luna's face. Pulling on a big strap-on, Luna gets Alexis to swallow the plastic prick. She smears the spit covered shaft over her face. Opening her legs, Alexis is taken missionary. The blue toy slowly inches into her pussy. She pushes Luna onto her back. Riding reverse, her tits bounce together. Bumping and grinding, the girls quiver as they climax.

Returning from a jogging session, Alexis towels herself down in the bedroom. She lifts her boobs, bites on her nipples and tugs at her shorts. Lifting a vibrator from the bedside cabinet, she runs the silver shaft over her clit then slips it between her legs. Crouching over the toy, Alexis slowly sinks down, her boobs swaying as she rocks. She pulls the toy out of her pussy and holds it in her cleavage.

In a low cut red top, Alexis is having a meal with Matt. He can't keep his eyes off her big boobs. Pushing her plate to one side, she crawls over the table towards him. He grabs at her tits and starts to suck. Her red panties pulled to one side, Alexis flashes her freshly shaven fanny. Matt moves in with his fingers and tongue. Kneeling, Alexis fills her mouth with Matt's cock. She moves down his length to his balls, then sandwiches the dick in her cleavage. Spread out on the table, she wants his manhood inside her. China and cutlery fall to the floor as they hump. Slipping off the table, Alexis is taken from behind, her boobs swinging wildly with the bonking. Matt sits back in his chair and Alexis sits on top of him, gyrating her hips as she works him deep into her pussy. She spins so he can play with her tits. Ready to cum, Matt sprays his load over Alexis's breasts. She scoops up his cream and licks her fingers.

In this film, Alexis is not the bubbly, self confident performer we see today. With a staid and wooden script and too predictable action, the finger of blame should point at the director and production crew rather than Alexis. If you are a fan of the Scot then watch the film to see how far she has progressed since this was made.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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