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Released: 2004
Director: Franky
Notes: MSS Interactive
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In the Student Household, landlord Ian Tate is rummaging through Angel-Long's smalls. Meanwhile Tony de Serghio is giving himself one off the wrist in the bathroom when Angel herself bursts in to use the toilet. The pair decide to go to Angel's room where they discover Ian swathed in Angel's undies. Unperturbed all three get naked and fuck on the bed and, after some mild anal fisting from Ian, first Tony then Ian fuck her up the bum. Double facial.

Tiffany and Iyesha claim they're a lesbian couple when they meet Lee Henshaw in the Student House gym. The girls tease Lee by starting to fondle and kiss each other so he gets his cock out, which both girls take in their mouths. As the girls strip off Lee rubs Iyesha's pussy, but it's Tiffany that takes his cock in her pussy reverse cowgirl on the bench. Lee fucks Iyesha missionary on a conveniently placed large chest, then it's shagging all over the place including a standing side-by-side doggy which shows the girls' long legs and bums off a treat. Tiffany gets her bum deeply penetrated face-to-face on the sofa and the scene ends with a joint facial.

Roxy Rare has come up short with the rent so she offers herself in payment to landlord Ian Tate. As Roxy sucks his cock the pair start to undress and when Ian is naked he sits Roxy on the sofa, pulls her denim skirt up and her red pants aside and fucks her face-to-face. Roxy removes the rest of her clothes, apart from her red ankle boots, and fucks Ian cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. At this point Roxy's boyfriend Danny enters the room and without much hesitation, joins in. After a while the guys bring out the lube and Ian fucks Roxy's bum in doggy, then both guys DP her in reverse cowgirl. Scene ends with Ian cumming over her bum and Danny her face.

Unknown to Ian and Roxy new girl Kerry was watching them from the garden so she seeks out Tia and Laura, who are already fondling each other in a quiet corner. All three girls strip in the sunshine by the outdoor pool, licking and fingering each other. Someone has left a stash of vibrators and lube nearby and the girls are soon pushing a variety of colours up their own and each other's pussies. The girls seem to be warming-up nicely as Laura pushes some beads up her arse before Kerry reaches a squirty climax and the scene and the film ends.

Usual quality production, with some fine action from everyone concerned and good to see Iyesha in some home-produced action. Recommended.

Review by Bayleaf

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