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  • British Teen Girls Volume 4 DVD available Sweet Pictures, may be a different edit from the original
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The delightful Cory finishes her skinny-dipping and leaves Tony de Serghio poolside as she leaves for work. Tony, it seems, can't wait for her to return as he lies in the sunshine by the outdoor pool so he calls up another couple of working girls. Lucy and Donna Ibbotson arrive in their bikinis and go to work on each other straight away. Tony gets his cock sucked by Lucy while her pussy is licked by Donna and while Donna pleasures Lucy he slips up her pussy from behind. The trio then move to a shaded bench where Tony fucks Lucy, then Donna, then both together in a double-decker. Finally Tony fucks Donna up the bum in reverse cowgirl before coming over both girls faces. The girls then collect their bikinis and leave the garden naked, pushing Tony in the pool for good measure.

Steve Hooper has seen McKenzie Lee on the website and wants her. She arrives at his flat and removes her overcoat to reveal pink undies and short black stockings. Removing her underwear, McKenzie sucks Steve's cock and gets a hard fucking, starting in reverse cowgirl. More 69 then Steve deeply fucks McKenzie's bum as she lies on the coffee table, then again in reverse cowgirl before delivering a massive facial.

Ian Tate, as Chuck Loads, is feeling greedy and asks for two big-breasted women - Avalon and Cheryl. Both girls wear just underwear beneath their overcoats as they arrive at Ian's flat. In not much time at all the girls have lost their bras and Ian is naked. Avalon, wearing just a black g-string and thighboots, is first to get fucked by Ian who then moves to a naked Cheryl. Both girls keep each other occupied as Ian fucks them. Eventually both girls squeeze together and kiss as Ian unloads his balls over their fantastic natural tits.

Danni O'Neal, sitting alone in her kitchen, fancies some company while her husband is away. As she waits, in just a black bra and negligee, she vigorously pushes half a cucumber deep into her pussy, splashing cucumber and pussy juice all over the floor as she comes. Danni immediately removes all Kellemarie's clothes from the waist down when she arrives and some hard pussy licking, kissing and dildo use follows from this nicely contrasted pair, the slim blonde Kellemarie and the dark voluptuous Danni. Kellemarie (who sports quite a pubic thatch in this scene) uses a strap-on on Danni in all positions and gets some dildo action herself as the scene ends.

The familiar format here with the scenes linked by madam Dawn Slater taking the bookings. Fine sex, professionally shot with some very attractive girls getting deeply, deeply fucked. Sometimes a little too clinical for me, but maybe this is what paid-for sex is like. Very nice.

Review by Bayleaf

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