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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 144 mins.

For the first in their new Urban Perversions series, Killergram have used mostly experienced and highly talented actresses in the five scenes. Their big problem is, as with other films they have released, the picture quality is deplorable; pixelation and image break-up make the whole lot look as if it was copied from a dodgy video.

Keira and Felicity pick their way through a derelict, graffiti-covered building. The two stop. Keira raises her leg high above her head and leans against a wall, Felicity laps at her pussy through her black net panties. A guy in a mask is glimpsed in the shadows as Felicity's tongue darts into Keira's arse. He approaches cock out. Keira bends to fill her mouth as Felicity blows smoke over the pair. Ripping open the net knickers, the guy pulls open Keira's pussy ready to be prodded with prick. Crouching beside the pair, Felicity lifts her blue dress and fingers herself. As she holds herself above the shaft, the guy thrusts into Keira's pussy and Felicity laps the fanny juices off the guy's balls. Wedged against a radiator, Keira is taken doggy in the pussy then arse. A little more cock riding and the guy cums over the girls' faces.

In her black leather dress, Anjali feeds a big black dildo down the throat of new girl Missy Mayers. This makes her eyes water. A guy enters who is only too happy to substitute his dick for the toy. Anjali grabs him and starts to lick and wank his shaft. Missy joins in. Pulling out her tits, Anjali fucks the cock in her cleavage then turns to rub it between her bum cheeks, squeezing his balls against her arse. A second guy appears with a dildo which looks like a sword. Missy spreads her legs and he jams it home deeply. She pants and screams as her pussy is plundered. Beside her on the sofa, Anjali is being banged doggy. Teasing Missy as she rides cowgirl, Anjali orders an even bigger pink toy to be pushed into her pussy. With the guy about to cum, Anjali kneels open mouthed to catch his cream.

In a plain white bathroom, blonde and busty Samantha Bond runs her gloved hands over her pussy as she puffs on a cigar. Wrapping her vivid pink lips around a bright red toy she eases it into her mouth. The saliva-covered dildo is then slipped between her legs - she is desperate for dick. Samantha falls to the floor as the guy enters. He strokes her hair as his cock disappears into her mouth. Spit dripping, she stares up with her big blue eyes. Samantha wants to be shagged. She leans forward to be hammered from behind, then runs her moist minge over the guy's face. The chain round her neck rattles as she rides reverse cowgirl. Having had her pussy filled she wants her arse to gape and the guy slips in his cock. Thirsty for spunk, she wanks him into her mouth. After swallowing she showers herself down while still in her black basque.

The next scene sees Anjali and Sahara in the kitchen, but the girls aren't cooking, more like cocking. Sahara plunges the prick through her fishnet tights into her pussy, ripping open the crotch makes access easier when she comes to ride. Lying with her legs open wide, Sahara gets the guy to tongue and finger her arse and pussy. Pushing him back, Anjali sits on his face rubbing her clit against his nose as Sahara slides up and down on his gland. The girls make the boy act like a dog, leading him to a bowl to drink. As Anjali occupies herself with a dildo, Sahara is fucked missionary. The two take his jizz over their faces, Sahara licking it off. She then has a special treat for the boy.

Back in the derelict building, a sleeping leather-clad Natalie Heck is carried to a scruffy sofa by a man in a mask and carefully laid down. Unzipping her top she awakens to find him fondling her tits. Rather than run away, Natalie pulls down her panties and starts to finger. The guy produces a huge long dildo which Natalie tries to take into her cunt. Her pussy lips stretch over the toy as the guy spanks her bum. Undoing his trousers, she plays her tongue over the end of his prick before gagging on his length. Strings of saliva drip from the dick as she stuffs her cheeks. Propped up against a radiator, Natalie is fucked doggy. More men join, fondling and groping her tits as she starts to ride the cock. With her pussy full they lodge a dildo in her arse. They caress her blonde hair as she bounces. Bending over again, this time she takes the cock in her arse and the guy thrusts deep. Sitting, Natalie wanks at the cock till it cums over her face. A large dollop of cream runs down her cheek like a big white tear.

Some good ideas and great performances by the girls are let down by pathetic picture quality and mediocre camera work. The lighting in the first and last scenes (shot in the dark) is poor with the colours bleaching out when the camera moves in for close-ups, which is a pity for Keira and Natalie fans. A good film spoiled.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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