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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 140 mins.

One of the first things to say about Urban Perversions II is that it only stars eight girls and not nine as the cast list suggests on the cover; so Keira fans will be disappointed as she doesn't appear. The majority of the film is hard hitting stuff with the girls being used and abused by Don Roobles and the boys. The first scene with Anjali and Ariana however is completely different - sensual and at a slower pace, it looks as if it belongs in a different film.

Almost identically dressed in their fluorescent pink net tops and skirts, Anjali and Ariana sit in a modern, furnished dining room, caressing and fingering each other. Two cocks appear for the girls to feast on. Sitting back to back they start to suck, working their tongues over the heads of the dicks then swallowing. Ariana grabs both and her head bobs back and forth on them. Anjali takes the two in her mouth. With spit running down the shaft, Anjali climbs aboard and starts to ride and Ariana plays with herself as Anjali pops the second prick into her mouth. In some strange editing there are a couple of sub-second flashes of Ariana as Anjali bounces up and down reverse cowgirl. Both girls do a little more deep throating then have to share the solitary cum shot over their faces.

Appearing in what looks like an empty factory, Charley, in her black lace dress and thigh length boots, dances in the gloomy darkness. In the washroom she pushes her pussy against the basin and slowly gyrates. Sitting on a toilet her fingers enter her hole. A masked cleaner appears. He drops before her and laps between her legs. Charley is dragged out and bent over the sink to have her pussy and arse finger fucked. Her steamy breath reveals the words Fuck Me on the mirror. Tied to a trolley, she is wheeled through the building, her bum stuck high in the air. Don stops the cavalcade to check her for freshness, squeezing Charley's tits and slapping her bum before tasting her. Happy, she gags as the boys pull open her mouth. She is pushed onto a sofa for her pussy to be filled with fingers. Charley plays with herself as she does a little dance for the boys, then kneels to have her tonsils fucked. Her mouth full of cum, it's back on the trolley to be taken away.

Felicity must be feeling the cold - she is dressed in her fur jacket, mini and red fishnet tights. Missy soon starts to warm things up as she runs her pierced tongue over Felicity's clit. The two kiss. Don enters with a huge false dick. The girls start to suck but soon give up when the real thing appears. Eyes streaming, they stuff their cheeks and swallow the shafts down to the balls. Missy is bent over, her tights ripped open to be pounded doggy style. The girls lick off the juices as their pussies are played with. Felicity wanks on a dildo strapped to Don's foot, she then bites on a plastic prick sticking out of his face mask. With Missy being spit roasted next to her, the false dick erupts over Felicity's face. Pushing a gloved hand into her pussy, she wants to be finger fucked to orgasm. The girls deep throat again till the boys are ready to cum. They share two loads of cream - the plastic dick explodes again, spattering their faces.

Sexily dressed in black lace and fishnets, Natalie Heck dances and gyrates on a sheepskin rug in a dark cavernous room. Karla joins her, dressed in her shiny black PVC top and fishnet tights. The girls explore each other's bodies, fondling each other's boobs till a cock arrives. Natalie takes it deep in her mouth as Karla pulls at her tits. The girls swap places, the two taking turns in sucking the cock. Her tights pulled apart, Karla kneels to be have her pussy stuffed from behind as she chews on Natalie's boobs. The girls get back to filling their faces with cock. Dropping her knickers, Natalie slides her pussy down the cock. Karla uses a big black toy on her pussy. Both girls turn, Natalie riding cowgirl and Karla bouncing up and down on the dildo, working herself into a squirting frenzy. The guy pulls on a mask with a dildo snout. Lying on the floor, Natalie bounces on his cock and Karla on his face. Don appears with tools to really stretch Karla. Smearing her pussy with lube she screws them in. The action makes her squirt. More frenzied cock sucking and frenetic fucking follow from the girls with Karla squirting again over the guy's cock. Both take cum in their mouths, Natalie pulling it out in long spunky strings and Karla letting it dribble over her cheeks.

In her black fishnet body stocking, Sophie sits on a glass top table pulling at her pussy. Licking the juices from her fingers she squeezes her tits together. A masked guy in a long leather coat bends her over and spanks her bum before inserting a dildo sword into her pussy. The black toy slides past her rosy bum cheeks. Sophie balances on a stool, her long black boots wrapped around its legs, and starts to stab her pussy. Felicity joins to take over the pussy pounding and licks at her clit as Sophie fills her face with dick. Pushed against the wall, Sophie gets a cock in her pussy. Her net-encased tits joggle with each thrust. Don appears and, tearing open Felicity's tights, he hammers a toy into her hole making her scream. Breaking off from her fucking and sucking, Sophie helps Don with the dildos. The girls sit side by side as Sophie is shagged. Felicity wants to taste cock and Don lets her. Mouths open, the two get showered in spunk.

Whilst I don't mind the slight slap, I found Don's pulling the girls faces a little too much for me... but each to his own. In common with a lot of Killergram's other work the picture quality is less than crystal clear and there are some strange editing cuts, especially in the first scene. If slapping and face pulling is your thing then this is probably for you, but apart from the first scene I found the action a little too rough.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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