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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 147 mins.

Smoking and cock sucking appear to be the main vices in the third of Killergram's Urban Perversion series. DiSanto and the team have pulled together six sexy girls and dressed them in their finest fishnet outfits for five hot, hard-hitting scenes.

On the end of her chain, Felicity puffs away at her cigarette, blowing smoke towards the camera. A masked Don Roobles leads her crawling over the floor towards a guy with a crooked cock. Felicity opens her mouth, sinks his dick down her throat and, gagging, her cheeks turn cherry red. Don rips open her fishnet tights and smothers her pussy in lube as a prelude to it taking prick. Fingers and a toy are screwed into her wet hole. Then a mask with a dildo nose is next between her legs, making her cunt drip. Unzipping Don's leather pants, Felicity sucks at his knob. Her body pulsates with pleasure as he pulls at her face. With a toy in her fanny, Felicity bends to have her bum spanked. She lights up a second cigarette as she is wanked.

Blonde Brigitte, in her fishnet dress and black boots, draws deep on her fag as she admires herself in the bathroom mirror. As she sits on the toilet, the pierced pussy catches the light and as she rubs at her vivid pink panties her nipples pop through her net top. In the bath, Mr. Shaft's huge tool pokes out from the soapy water and she bends and swallows it. Moving to the floor, Brigitte slides her smoothly-shaved pussy down his length and starts to bounce wildly. Mr. Shaft's hands grab hold of her swinging tits. Turning onto all fours, Shaft hammers away at her pussy and Brigitte screams for more. Propped against the wall, her belly bulges as all 12 inches of man meat are fed into her fanny. Falling to the floor, Brigitte takes his cum in her mouth.

Sultry Emma Louise climbs the stairs in her fishnet outfit and high-heel shoes. She stops to caress herself and, as her hands wander, her body gyrates. Two guys appear. One squeezes her tits as the other removes her knickers and finger fucks her. Emma Louise fills her mouth with a cock. As she gags on dick her arse is licked. Then a cock is eased into her pussy. All three make their way to the sofa where the action continues. The boys take turns in her pussy as Emma Louise licks off the juices. Shoes off, Emma Louise rubs her face with cock then bends to be spit roasted. When they are ready to cum, Emma Louise sits open mouthed and her tongue is coated in spunk.

Felicity, in a black and silver basque, holds a cigarette for Storm to inhale. Sammy Jay enters on all fours to take Felicity to a guy in the corner who is wanking. A captive Storm is left to watch as Felicity and Sammy flick their tongues over his cock then slide it deep down their throats. The two girls tease Storm, dribbling and gagging on man meat but not letting her get near. Eventually Felicity relents and the girls hold Storm's head as dick is rammed past her tonsils. Climbing onto the sofa, Sammy pulls her black panties to one side to be fucked doggy. Back on the floor, her pussy lips are stretched as she rides reverse. The girls sucks and twist Sammy's erect nipples as she shags. Storm then gets to lick the juices off the guy's cock and sit on his face. Lying on a rug, Sammy ends the scene being shagged missionary. The three girls crowd around the cock waiting for cum.

The final girl in the film is Charly. Sitting in her black see-through negligee, she lights up and smoke slowly drifts out of her mouth as she explores her body. Opening a curtain, she finds Mr Shaft's 12 inch black cock. Holding it tightly she works it into her mouth. As she tilts her head back more and more, the member goes gagging down her throat and spit dribbles out over her chin. Pulling her black panties to one side, Charly fingers her pussy - she wants it full of cheb. She turns to be entered from behind. With sweat running down Mr Shaft's balls, Charly rides him. Her tits dangle and bounce in his face as they fuck. Mr Shaft picks Charly up and lays her on her back for more frenetic fanny action. Crying out, Charly wants his cum. She licks her lips as he fires over her face. Mr Shaft exits leaving Charly fingering herself.

I have to admit I found Felicity and Don's enthusiasm for pulling and twisting girls' faces in scene 1 and 4 a little too much for my taste, but the other scenes more than made up for this. Top marks to Emma, Charly and new girl Brigitte for the effort they put into their performance - nice work. My only other slight criticism is the lighting. A lot of the action is lit by narrow beam spots (camera mounted?) which means part of the picture is over exposed and bleached while the rest is in relative darkness - not the worst I have seen but it is noticeable. Not a bad film for those who like things a little more rough and ready.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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