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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 153 mins.

DiSanto's right hand man Don Roobles has enlisted six girls for the fourth in the hard hitting Urban Perversion series. With Isabel, Poppy, Renee and Sabrina aboard, the girls give as good as they get.

Poppy crawls up the stairs dressed in black PVC and red fishnets. Her hand reaches down to pull at her pussy as she waits. A masked guy arrives, cock at the ready; Poppy slaps it before slipping it down her throat. Spit dribbles off the shaft as she plays with his balls. Her eyes watering, Poppy gags on the dick. Then she smears the saliva covered manhood over her face. Poppy is banged from behind over the arm of the sofa. Then she turns to chew at the guy's prick. Cigarette lit, Poppy slams down on the guy's shaft reverse cowgirl, grabbing his nutsack as she rides. The two fall onto their sides. Preferring to be in control, Poppy remounts cowgirl and hammers down hard. Rolling her onto her back, the guy stuffs his blue gloves into Poppy's pussy. She licks the juices from the fingers as he wanks over her face. Then she plays with his spunk.

In a smoke-filled warehouse, Charly and Felicity sit snogging. Felicity slips a chain round Charly's neck and leads her across the room. As she lies on the floor, Charly's bum cheeks are prised open and lube poured into her pussy till it drips off her clit. A masked Don enters with a big black toy which is screwed into the slippery cunt. Felicity occupies herself on a guy's dick as Charly's pussy in penetrated with a double ended dong. She moans as she rocks back. The girls take turns sucking a big black dick, seeing how much each can swallow. Felicity's fishnets are ripped open so that she can ride the guy. Charly moves in to lap at the pair as they shag doggy. Smothered in lube, it's then her turn on the cock. Felicity buries her face on Don's dick while Charly rides reverse. They tug at the guy and he cums over the pair and Don's fake dick showers the two in cream.

Licking her lips, Renee blows smoke at the camera then lounges back to slip her hand into her white, red-trimmed knickers. She turns to show the camera her arse as a naked guy appears. He pushes his gloved fingers into her pussy and Renee adds a couple of her own. Her body jolts as she wanks. Stumping out her tab, she pulls down the guy's pants and fills her mouth with his cock. Lighting up a second cigarette, Renee fills her mouth with smoke as she give him a blow job. Then she taps the ash on his shaft. On hands and knees, she is taken from behind. The couple then move to the sofa, Renee sliding down his staff reverse. The two then fuck missionary. Finally Renee opens her mouth to catch the guy's jizz, then plops it onto her pussy.

Isabel Ice leans over the balcony of her high-rise flat in her black lingerie and stockings. The lights of the city twinkle below her as she waggles her arse and fingers her pussy. Inside the flat a chain is slipped around her neck and Isabel is taken towards Sensi's cock. She opens her mouth wide and the huge member disappears down her throat. Her chin bangs against his balls and her mascara smears. Kissing, the two wank each other, Isabel taking several fingers in her fanny, and then a digit is worked into her arse. Kicking off her shoes, Isabel sits on Sensi's cock, thrusting it deep into her pussy. Remounting him cowgirl, Isabel rolls her pussy round on his dick as her boobs dangle in his face. The two 69 before Isabel is shagged spoons in the arse. Grabbing a glass dildo, Isabel works herself into a frenzy, squirting all over the floor. Her legs stretched, Isabel shoves the dildo followed by four fingers in her arse as Sensi wanks onto her tongue. Isabel gargles and swallows.

Crawling towards the camera, Sabrina rubs her body. Her boobs pop out of her top and she licks at her nipples. She heads across the room where she gyrates on the lap of a guy. He spanks her arse through her fishnets and eases his fingers into her pussy. Sabrina drops to the floor and fills her face with cock. Ribbons of saliva drip from her mouth as, gurgling, she takes the dick down her throat. She moves to sit on the guy's face and falls forward to 69. Ripping open her tights, Sabrina kneels to have her pussy licked then mounts the guy reverse. As she rolls onto her side, fanny fluid runs over her thighs as she is shagged spoons. Sabrina sits fingering her pussy and arse as the guy lets fly into her open mouth.

Like the previous films in the series, Urban Perversion IV is hot and hard hitting. However, in this movie girls sometimes get the upper hand. OK there is still Felicity and Charly slapping and spitting, but that's only one out of the five scenes. Renee is domineering as she works on her guy and sexy Sabrina just sizzles in her scene.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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