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Released: 2006
Director: Bob Bennett and Freddie Morse
Notes: MSS Interactive
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Running time: 102 mins.

After a long absence, directors Bob Bennett and Freddie Morse have reopened UK Vice Girls for business in the 5th in the series. The film features Poppy Morgan and Renee Richards alongside some of the less often seen but equally sexy British girls, in four hot scenes.

With his pants round his ankles, Tony James pumps his prick into a plastic pussy. It's OK but not as good as the real thing, so he gives Vice Girls a ring. The greedy boy orders a double. Jenny in a sexy purple dress and stockings turns up with Poppy dressed in black. The girls are disgusted with Tony's toy. They sit on the sofa caressing each other's bodies while Tony watches. Poppy dribbles on Jenny's black knickers and laps at her pussy. Removing the knickers she stuffs the panties in Tony's mouth and gets back to licking fanny. He gets his cock out and Jenny fills her face. The two girls watch bemused as Tony attempts to dance, his dick dangling. Stepping out of her dress, Jenny bends forward, letting Tony tongue her arse and pussy, while Poppy goes down on his prick. Then the three move to the sofa. Jenny rubs herself over Tony's face as Poppy pounds up and down on his dick. The girls change ends, Poppy pulling on her lips as Tony licks. On all fours, Jenny gets stuffed from behind, and Poppy gets taken missionary. The two lie on top of each other as Tony's cock goes from fanny to fanny. With Poppy wanking his prick, Tony pops his load over Jenny's tits and celebrates with a dance.

Ian Tait is sitting watching porn, tadger in hand. He desperately needs a woman and Vice Girls come to the rescue. Renee Richards arrives in her short black dress and boots and immediately takes control of Ian's dick. Hiking her dress high over her tits, she strokes her body. Leaning forward she wraps her lips around Ian's prick and sucks. Renee's fingers play with his balls as the cock fills her mouth. Her tongue dances over the head and explores the shaft. Dropping her black knickers, Renee lets Ian at her pussy. He flicks her pierced clit and pokes his fingers deep into her fanny. The two make for the bedroom. On hands and knees, Renee paws at her pussy as Ian laps at her arse. She groans as his cock enters her cunt, then the two fall on their sides and start spoons. Ian pulls out to cum on her stomach. Not content, the two hammer away again, this time with Renee on top. Another pop shot from Ian!? No, just a repeat of the first one.

Suited Sarah-Lou invites Crystel-Lei for an interview to join Vice Girls. Content with her answers she now wants to see her in action. Opening her stocking-clad legs, Sarah-Lou flashes her shaven snatch and Crystel-Lei kneels down and starts to lick. Impressed with her tongue work, Sarah-Lou slips off her jacket and removes her skirt so Crystel-Lei can display her digital dexterity. Lying back on the sofa, Sarah-Lou wants more and Crystel-Lei munches at her damp minge. The girls go into the bedroom where a selection of toys await. Sarah-Lou has her pussy filled with a ribbed pink vibrator. The two 69 before a set of love beads are worked into Crystel-Lei's cunt, then a double ended dildo is pushed in deep and, pulling it out, she tastes it. Reaching for a banana, Sarah-Lou eases it into Crystel-Lei, then eats the juice-covered fruit. The scene ends with a rabbit being stuffed into Sarah-Lou's pussy. Crystel-Lei's got the job.

Blonde-haired Rebecca phones Vice Girls to see if they do guys as well. She's in luck and asks for the one with the biggest cock. She is changed into her tight red top, black skirt and fishnets when the door bell rings. Sensi has been sent. Her tits out, Rebecca is placed on the kitchen bench and Sensi dives between her legs and starts to tongue. Her hand reaches out for his manhood - he's just what she wants. Sliding down, Rebecca fills her face with Sensi's big cock. Now nice and wet she bends over the sink to be shagged from behind. Sensi runs the tip of his dick over her arse but thinks better of it. Grabbing him, Rebecca heads for the dining room. They climb onto the table and 69. Rebecca spins round positioning her pussy over his cock. Crouched in her red high heels, she lowers herself down. Her hands above her head, Rebecca lies back to be fucked missionary and her well proportioned boobs gently rock. Sensi holds them and nibbles. Rebecca's up for reverse riding, this time up the bum. Tugging at her clit she bangs against Sensi's balls. Face down, her tits squashed against the table, Rebecca's arse is shagged from behind. Sensi's spunk showers Rebecca's tits.

The first four in the Vice Girls series were good films and number 5 has continued where the series left off. There is a good variety of action, nicely staged and shot, and with Renee and Poppy appearing, could you ask for anything more? No!! UK Vice Girls 5 is a great way to revive the series. Let's hope 6 and 7 are on their way.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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