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Released: 2007
Director: Bob Bennett & Freddie Morse
Notes: MSS Interactive
Alternate Titles
  • Vice Girls 6 American Xcess, USA
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 95 mins.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is the motto at MSS, as they wheel out volume six of this long-running series. Fortunately the production team know what they're doing, so we get well shot sex featuring some very attractive and horny girls.

In her hotel room, Taylor is feeling horny, so a quick call to UK Vice Girls delivers Charley to her door. On the sofa, Taylor eases her tits out of her white dress and lets Charley remove her pants. Kissing and fingering continues into the bedroom as Taylor strips completely and Charley takes off her black dress leaving just her black hold-ups. The girls share dlidos, love balls and a double ender, before moving to the bathroom where Charley pisses in the shower. Suitably relieved, the girls return to the bed to work their way through the rest of Taylor's dildo stash.

Greedy Pascal is another punter feeling horny, so he orders a blonde and brunette takeaway in the form of Rebecca and Paige. The girls put on a little show, rearranging each other's clothes, before they join forces to attack Pascal's cock. Paige, with stockings, suspenders and her skirt round her waist, is the first to take cock in reverse cowgirl. Rebecca takes the chance to strip to her red heels then joins Paige on the sofa and, with their arses in the air, both girls get fucked. While Pascal services both pussies with ease, there is nice interaction between the girls, ending with shared facial.

Jay persuades Ben that they should get a girl, so they phone for a girl of the Asian persuasion. UKVG supplies Sahara and within moments of arriving she is spread across the pine table with the boys' fingers and tongues licking and probing. Taken to the bedroom and stripped to her block stockings and heels, Sahara is fucked by James (missionary) then Jay (cowgirl). The guys share Sahara before both DP her in reverse and normal cowgirl. Scene concludes with Jay wanking over Sahara's bum.

Merlin is peeping through the fence at his neighbour, which makes him horny enough to need two girls. UKVG supplies blonde and brunette mix Michelle and Frankie. In Merlin's conservatory, the girls perform for Merlin until everyone is undressed (Frankie keeps her little skirt on) and the girls start on his cock. Once Michelle sits on Merlin's cock in reverse cowgirl it's open season on the conservatory furniture, as the girls get fucked in all positions, ending with Merlin wanking over Michelle's belly.

As usual the MSS team of Bob Bennett and Freddie Morse assemble the top talent and watch them fuck. And to see personal favourites Frankie and Michelle teamed against Merlin was perfection. Highly recommended.

Review by Bayleaf
September 2007

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

There are certain combinations which work well together: Strawberries and Cream, Laurel and Hardy, Rhythm and Blues. Add to this list MSS's directors Bennett and Morse, who constantly produce hard hot work starring some of Britain's sexiest girls. Dropping into UK Vice Girls for the sixth time, we meet another series of eager girls ready to entertain their clients.

Alone in her hotel bedroom, Taylor decides to treat herself to a little girl-on-girl action and calls the Vice Girls into the office. In black lace dress and stockings, Charly is soon knocking at her door. The two settle onto the sofa where they fondle and kiss. Taylor slips her boobs out of her tight white dress for Charly to lick. Sliding down Taylor's body, Charly peels down her white knickers and sets about her pussy. Stripped to her stockings, Charly and Taylor head for the bed. Kneeling on the plush red cover, Taylor tries a couple of toys deep in her pussy. It gets her hot and wet. Sharing a double-ended dong makes Charly want to pee. She pops into the bathroom and returns for some more double-ended action. With a rabbit at full power in Charly's pussy, she quickly climaxes. The two kiss.

Flicking through the small ads in his local paper, Pascal finds an advert for Vice Girls. Phoning, he asks if two girls could be sent round. Rebecca and Paige duly arrive. Pascal watches as the girls stroke each other's pussies and play with their tits. His cock hardens at the sight of Paige lapping at Rebecca's clit. Moving between the two girls, they take turns sucking at Pascal's prick. Removing her black blouse and bra, Rebecca dangles her boobs in Pascal's face as he finger fucks her. Knickers off, Paige perches on Pascal's dick, then slowly sinks down the shaft. Rebecca settles down on Pascal's face. Slapping her pussy to get the juices flowing, Rebecca takes a turn in riding Pascal. Jerking his jizz over Rebecca's bum, Paige licks it off.

Jay and James fancy a night in and get in touch with Vice Girls to provide some entertainment. Sahara, in her sequined black top and skimpy skirt, is quickly there. She wastes no time in pulling down her top and spreading over the kitchen table for the boys to paw at her pussy. The three head for the bedroom. Sahara is keen to see what the pair have to offer. Kneeling on the bed, she probes her tonsils and gags on some man meat. Dropping on to her back, Sahara gets her pussy filled by Jay as she chews on James's cock. Shuffling down the bed, the guys swap places. Jay lets Sahara climb onto his dick for a little cowgirl riding. Rolling onto her stomach, James jabs into her arse. Sahara finishes the session with a little DP action before her bum is showered in spunk.

Peeking through the fence at his neighbour gets Merlin hot and bothered. He phones Vice Girls for help. Two of their best will soon sort him out. Michelle and Frankie are quickly on the scene. Making for the conservatory, the pair indulge in a little breast stroking, then turn to taste each other's pussies. Seeing the two playing gets Merlin hard and ready for action. Easing his cock down their throats, the two then run their tongues over his shaft. Guiding the prick into Michelle's pussy, Frankie crouches to lap at the juices. The girls swap places. Bending over the cane sofa, Merlin bangs into the pair from behind. Moving to the floor, Frankie is fucked missionary. She makes way for Michelle to ride his cock. Twisting and turning, Michelle ends on her back as Merlin empties his balls onto her stomach.

The cast combinations and sets may have appeared in other MSS productions, but with Bennett and Morse working their magic, the film feels as fresh as it did in their first visit to Vice Girls. If you're into hot girl-on-girl or hard three way action, Vice Girls 6 ticks all the boxes. A great film to add to your collection.

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