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Released: 2007
Director: Jim Slip
Notes: MSS Interactive / American Xcess
Alternate Titles
  • UK Student House 12: Naughty Teen Sluts!
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 98 mins.

After a break of almost 3 years, MSS have released the 12th film in their popular and successful UK Student House series. Director Jim Slip has retained the format, with a mix of boy/girl and girl/girl scenes in the house. Alexis, Antonia (as Jamie), Frankie, Michelle, Paige and Suzie have gathered for the start of a new academic year, but like their predecessors they spend more of their time shagging than studying.

Alexis and Pascal wander the streets looking for a place to rent. Eventually they arrive at the Student House and landlord Jay is there to greet them. The two like the place and the only problem is the deposit. Slipping of her pink top, Alexis wonders if she can negotiate. Kneeling on the sofa, Pascal fondles Alexis's bum through her tight white shorts. She sits on his lap and unfastens her lace bra. Landlord Jay moves in to suck on her beautiful full breasts, then moves to lap her pussy through her white knickers. Alexis positions herself between Pascal's legs, her mouth around his prick. Jay lies under her, his face in her fanny. Crouched down, Alexis is spit roasted. The excitement makes her squirt. Exhausted, Pascal breaks off. Covering a pink vibrator in lube, Alexis uses it on herself. Jay takes the toy and eases it into her bum. Down on all fours, Jay enters Alexis from behind. She guides his cock into her arse. Fully recovered, Pascal joins in and Alexis gets both holes filled. She turns to try the boys the other way round. Ready to cum, Jay showers his cum over Alexis's body. Pascal coats her tits... They like the new house.

Frankie, Michelle and Antonia decide to go shopping, leaving Suzie Best alone with Merlin. The pair pop into the garden for a skinny dip in the pool. It looks freezing, so the two head back indoors. Her hair wrapped in a towel, Suzie settles down beside Merlin on the sofa. His hands explore her body, brushing against her pussy and squeezing her tits. Suzie grabs his cock and starts to wank, before stuffing it in her mouth. Her towel discarded, her head bobs on Merlin's manhood as she manoeuvres her fanny over his face. He licks her arse as the two 69. Suzie slithers down Merlin's body, slipping his prick into her pussy, then leaning back as she rides. She sits up and spins round to face him. Down on all fours, Suzie reaches for her clit, rubbing it as Merlin enters her pussy. She opens her arse to take the cock and slowly rocks back. Merlin pulls out and wanks over Suzie's back.

Opening the bedroom door, Antonia spies on Paige as she lies on the bed with James. Slipping her fingers under her short checked skirt, Antonia starts to wank as she watches Paige swallow cock. Slipping down her panties, James munches at Paige's minge. She removes her fuchsia top and falls forward to 69. Antonia gets excited at the sight of the two slurping and licking, and reaches for her vibrator as the couple start to bonk. Paige's riding reverse makes the bed head wobble. She turns and gyrates as James plays with her tits. Lying on their sides shagging, the two notice Antonia at the door and beckon her to join. Kneeling on the bed, Antonia wants to be used. James smothers her pussy in lube. Paige helps him jab in a pink dildo. Antonia is ready for dick. James thrusts in as Paige lies masturbating. Both girls go down on all fours. They moan as James fingers then fucks them. The two sit open mouthed as their faces are spattered in spunk.

With their shoes by the side of the pool, Michelle and Antonia play in the water. Slipping Antonia's pink bikini top off, Michelle runs her tongue around her nipples. Antonia does likewise, then slides her fingers into Michelle's blue bikini bottoms. The two climb out of the pool when Frankie arrives with a bag full of sex toys. Keen to try them, they rip open the boxes. Knickers off, the three lie back and, covered in lube, start to masturbate. Antonia and Michelle turn their attention to Frankie, licking her tits and plunging a bright coloured toy into her wet pussy. Michelle moves to tease Frankie's clit, while Antonia works a vibe between her legs. Sitting on Michelle's face, Frankie gags on a plastic prick as she's licked. More toys come out of the bag. Antonia and Frankie share a double-ended dong, inching their pussies closer and closer. Michelle spots a super dildo and rams it into her pussy. The other girls work it in, making her cry out with pleasure. All satisfied, the girls head indoors.

Starring the cream of British talent and following a well tried formula, UK Student House 12 is bound to succeed. OK, the film does have its iffy moments such as when Merlin doesn't truly rise to the occasion, but professional Suzie takes this in her stride and her performance more than compensates. Three years between 11 and 12 is a long time, but the film is worth waiting for.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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