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Released: 2007
Director: Jim Slip
Notes: MSS Interactive / American Xcess
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Running time: 117 mins.

Just like buses, you can wait ages for a film in the UK Student House series to be released, then two come along almost simultaneously. A group of girls, some familiar others relatively new, have taken up residence with landlady Nancy. As with all the previous students, their studying goes out of they window when there's the chance of sex.

Nancy lies on the sofa in her black camisole and stockings, surrounded by paperwork she tries to balance the books. Jay turns up and offers to help, although it's a different type of figure work he's interested in. Leaning forward, she gives him a glimpse of what he can expect as she squeezes her tits together. Jay's cock starts to harden as he watches Nancy finger and pull at herself. Crouching between his legs, she tongues the tip of his prick then slips it into her mouth. With Nancy's knickers down, Jay laps and probes at her pussy. He puts her feet on his shoulders as he takes her missionary. Hiding her face in the corner of the sofa, Nancy is fucked from behind. The two turn over to ride reverse, then cowgirl. Nancy hangs from Jay's neck before he puts her down and bangs his dick deep in her bum. Jay coats Nancy's chin with his spunk. She wipes it over her face.

Tammy and Antonia sit and chat about their sexual experiences when Nancy enters the room with a large box of toys. The three can't wait to try them out. Lifting Antoina's denim skirt, a bright orange vibrator is rubbed against her spotted panties. Tammy squeezes on a dollop of lube and helps in the toy. It's Tammy's turn next. Nancy pops a rabbit past her pink knickers, into her hairy mound. The girls remove their tops and bras and start to lick pussy. More toys come out of the box. Face down, Tammy muffles her moans as her pussy is penetrated and a set of beads is pushed up her arse. With the beads still sticking out of her bum, Tammy tongues Antonia's toes. She works her way up her legs to her pussy, where Nancy is licking her arse. To thank the landlady, the girls stretch her over the sofa and feast on her fanny.

In her pink riding gear and helmet, Simone-Claire heads down to the paddock with Toni in tow. The girls want to watch Wayne at work in the stables. He joins in as they kiss and caress in the bright sunlight. Unzipping Toni's white top, Wayne bites at her large firm breasts, helped by Simone. His cock comes out of his pants for the girls to taste. Simone buries it deep down her throat. Toni then fills her face with man meat. Spreading out on a blanket, the three lie down and lap at each other. Bent over a bale of hay, Simone is shagged doggy style. Toni holds her tits for Simone to suck. The girls swap places, Simone using a vibrator on herself as Toni gets fucked. The two move back, Toni taking the toy and Simone easing Wayne up her arse. Wanting more, the vibe is jammed into her pussy. Toni holds open Simone's mouth as Wayne fires in his load.

Vanessa and Ben think they have the house to themselves and head to the kitchen for some fun. Pulling at her black negligee, she bends over the sink to let Ben lap at her bum. Kneeling, Vanessa feeds his cock into her mouth, when Jay enters. She takes it in her stride, sucking at his dick as well. Smearing her pussy and arse in lube, Jay jabs in his length. Ben climbs onto the work bench to be licked. Vanessa joins Ben on the bench, sitting on his staff and riding reverse. She spins to let Jay finger her arse. The boys carry Vanessa over her kitchen, placing her on a pile of gingham cushions in front of the fire, then fuck her missionary. Turning onto all fours, Ben bangs his prick up Vanessa's bum. The two roll back over so she can take Jay in her pussy as well. Lying sweaty and exhausted, the boys jerk their jizz over Vanessa's body.

After grooming her horse, Harmony pops back to her bedroom to get changed. Her dungarees come off to be replaced by fishnet stockings and white lingerie. She relaxes back and starts to masturbate. Danny rushes into the room and finds Harmony wanking. He gives her a helping hand. Noticing a growing bulge in his trousers, Harmony licks at it before unzipping his pants to investigate. Fondling Danny's bum, she takes his dick between her lips. Peeling down her panties, Harmony strokes her neatly trimmed snatch and slowly sinks her way down Danny's dick. The pair stand, before Harmony settles down again on the cock. Holding her hips, the two fall onto their sides. Harmony's pert tits joggle as Danny shags her. Pulling out, he empties his balls over them. She massages in his cream.

Number 13 is another great addition to the Student House series. With hot new stars like Nancy, the very naughty tattooed Tammy, and the return of Simone-Claire to top quality films, Jim and the MSS team have produced a good mix of action and girls who should suit everyone's tastes. The film proves 13 is not unlucky when it comes to Student House.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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