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Released: 2007
Director: Sam Stonehill
Notes: Spice Studios
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Running time: 62 mins.

Spice Studios' Uniform Perversions contains five short scenes, each featuring Lolly Badcock in various guises along side another girl.

Lolly stands to attention in her Army fatigues as officer Angel approaches. Ordered to get her tits out, Lolly unbuttons her blouse. Angel drops her trousers to reveal a strap-on. Lolly is told to start licking. Wanking away at the pink plastic prick, Lolly jams two fingers into Angel's pussy making her wriggle and squirm. Her knickers down, Lolly is bent forward. Angel chews at her cunt lips as she fingers her arse. She brings the strap-on into play, ramming it between Lolly's legs. Grabbing a long black dildo, Lolly wipes it over Angel's fanny then brings her to climax. The roles are then reversed, Angel using the toy to make Lolly cum.

In their schoolgirl blouses, ties and black skirts, Lolly and Amber climb onto the desk. Their fingers and faces are soon buried in each other's muffs. Lolly pops a lolly into Amber's pussy and licks off the juices. Kneeling between Lolly's legs, Amber eases a pink vibrator past her knickers. The two move to a swivel chair to play with a rabbit. Peeling her knickers past her white socks, Amber stuffs pink plastic into Lolly's pussy.

In a candle lit room, Lolly and Emma slip down their black tops to kiss and caress in front of the fireplace. Moving to a low table, Lolly spreads her boot clad legs. Licking at her pierced clit, Emma slides a candle into her pussy and lights it. Lying Emma on the stripped wooden floor, Lolly drips wax over her stomach. Blowing out the candle, it is eased into her shaven snatch. Lolly makes her way up Emma's body and the two kiss.

A business suited Lolly closes her laptop and swings her legs onto the desk. Bespectacled Sabrina (as Janie) sits on a sofa at the other side of the office. Joining her across the room, Lolly lifts Sabrina's skirt to rub at her black panties. Pulling open her blouse, she sucks on her tits. Jacket and blouse off, Sabrina undoes Lolly's bra to play with her boobs. Pinned in the corner of the sofa, Sabrina lets Lolly lap at her pussy. She stretches it open with three fingers. The girls move to the desk. Lolly deep throats a silver vibrator she keeps in her draw as Sabrina feasts on her fanny. The toy is then thrust between her legs as she gyrates her hips. Sabrina climbs up beside Lolly and the girls 69. Sabrina climaxes with the silver toy in her cunt. The action shifts to Lolly's swivel chair. Bent over the back, she is masturbated to orgasm.

Nurse Poppy is wrapping up bandages when Lolly points out the graph on the heart machine looks like a willy. This gets the girls excited. Lolly open her uniform to be examined. Holding a stethoscope against Lolly's turquoise panties, Poppy can hear something. Knickers to one side and covered in lube, a tongue then a finger are probed into her fanny. Undoing Poppy's uniform, it appears she has forgotten her underwear. A squeeze from the lube tube and Lolly is kissing Poppy's poor pussy better. Climbing onto the treatment table, the two 69. Poppy plonks herself down on a chrome frame chair, her legs pulled back over the arms. Lolly kneels and laps away before popping Poppy's pills in her pussy. Producing a bandage, Lolly feeds it into Poppy's hole. Another application of lube helps it on its way. Poppy moans as it's slowly pulled out. Lolly drops to her knees to taste her handiwork.

With Lolly, Angel and Poppy, what more could you want? Well, actually, a bit more film. By the time the titles are taken out, the film is less than an hour long. That's only 12 minutes a scene. Just as things get going, the scene stops. In some cases, abruptly. Making you think there's more to see that has been left out. Yes, what is there is good, but even ardent Lolly fans may balk at paying full price for such a short movie.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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