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Released: 2008
Director: Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony
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Running time: 133 mins.

With sexy girls in kinky outfits, the Tanya Hyde films have long set the standard for eroto-fetish films. Viewers of the latest release from Hyde/Harmony won't be disappointed with their latest offering, Underworld. Appearing alongside British stalwarts of Hyde's movies is the American star Eva Angelina, seeing how classic kink should be made.

Fallen Angel
On a set straight from a gothic horror movie, 'innocent' Michelle B. runs through darkened chambers in a flowing white negligée. Arriving in an underground cavern, she encounters Jay who is caged in a cell. Grabbing his cock through the bars, Michelle starts to suck. Heading further into the catacombs, Michelle spots a coffin. The lid creeks as it opens. Inside is vampire-like Renee dressed in black. She sinks her fangs into Michelle's fanny. A hooded Jay moves closer as the two girls masturbate. Out of her coffin, Michelle jams a long steel shaft into Renee's pussy. She rocks and rolls on the rod. Finding another length of shiny steel, Michelle penetrates her own pussy. Tying Jay up, Renee flicks her whip over his body while Michelle abuses his cock and balls. Michelle takes her turn thwacking the whip. Released, Jay plunges his prick into Michelle's arse. Pushed back onto her shoulders, the anal assault continues. Jay ends things by jerking his jizz over the girls' bums.

Sex Squad
In her PVC uniform, Eva Angelina tours the streets of London in her jeep before heading to a disused office block for a session in sexual warfare.

Der Gummi Klinik
In white latex and high heels, Lala makes her way along dilapidated corridors towards the treatment room where Michelle sits, legs akimbo, in an examination chair. Pulling over a trolley, Lala prepares to shave Michelle's snatch. Carefully, the cut throat razor removes Michelle's pubes. Dried off, Lala tests the smoothness with her tongue. Michelle moans as she is licked. Parting Michelle's pussy lips, Lala slips in a gloved finger in readiness for a long glass rod. Her labia clings to the toy as it's worked in. Lying face down with her bum high in the air, Lala's arse and pussy are licked. Michelle jabs a pink plastic toy into the damp holes. Placing a rubber-apron wearing Danny on the table, Michelle moves over his face and Lala concentrates on his cock. Following a good fucking, the two kneel to be showered in spunk.

Bad Dream
Checking into what looks like the hotel from hell, Elizabeth climbs the stairs to her room. Removing her long fur coat, she lies back on the bed in her black basque and stockings and starts fondling her fanny. Through a hole in the door, Sensi watches the action as Elizabeth uses a black latex teddy bear on her pussy. Wrapping her legs behind her head, Elizabeth wanks. Seeing Sensi's cock come through a hole in the wall, Elizabeth sucks it. Setting off to explore, she finds Oliver in a pig mask tied to a chair. Maid Suzie enters the room and forces his head between her legs. Pulling out Oliver's prick, Suzie spits on it and swallows, taking no notice of Elizabeth standing at the door. Turned on by the sight of the couple, Elizabeth wants to find more. Down in the dining room, Suzie kneels on a sofa while teacher Sensi fills her pussy with his fingers. Oliver, in his pig mask, then fucks her doggy. Grabbing Sensi, Elizabeth yanks his cream over her face. Suzie sticks Oliver up her arse, then drops to the wooden floor where her bum is coated in cum.

Underworld is exactly what you would expect from a Tanya Hyde film; great girls, great sets and hot, hot action. It's therefore surprising that there are a few glitches in the production. Watch out for the guy wandering across the supposedly empty office in the second scene. You also get the impression that the editing has been slightly harsher than in other movies. The 'behind the scenes' footage shows clips of Renee and Jay which don't appear in the final cut. For any other film maker these issues would go unnoticed, but Hyde/Harmony have set a high standard. Don't get me wrong - this is still a brilliant movie to watch and is streets ahead of most on the market.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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