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Released: 2008
Director: Gary 'tas' B
Notes: Nectas
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Running time: 130 mins.

After a promising start with their movie Hot Cinders, Nectas's follow up movies The Office and Pump Action were hampered by poor technical production. With a strong cast, including Isabel Ice and Daisy Rock, the question is has Gary 'Tas' B pulled things round for UK Nymphos?

The Antique Seller
Opening the door in her red corset, fishnets and towering red high heels, Daisy has invited antique dealer Paul round to value a chair. The price Daisy is looking for is a tad too high. Stroking her legs, she feels sure there's something she can do to make him up the offer. Paul runs his hands over Daisy's body. Reaching her gingham knickers, he peels them down and tongues her shaven snatch. Daisy sinks back into the sofa, squeezing and sucking her tits. His trousers down, Paul joins her. Wrapping her red lips around his cock, Daisy brings it to life. Dribbling spit onto the shaft, Daisy's tongue dances over the shaft. Crouching over it, she slams it into her pussy. Ripping at her fishnets, Paul shags Daisy doggy. Her boobs swing and sway as she's shagged. Crying out, Daisy falls onto her side to fuck some more. Paul turns her onto her back to finish the session. Daisy plays with the cum in her mouth before dripping it onto her tits.

The Policewoman
Policewoman Rebekah calls round to Rob's office. He's just reported a break in. Balancing on the edge of his desk, Rebekah wants to start her investigation in Rob[s trousers. Opening her legs, Rob's hands make their way up her black stocking to her panties. Tweaking her tits, she lets him finger her fanny. Dropping to her knees, Rebekah encounters a rather limp dick. It's a long slow process getting it hard enough to use. Standing astride Rob, Rebekah sinks his member into her minge and slowly rocks. Grasping the desk, Rebekah is fucked from behind. She turns onto her back to be taken missionary... Too late! Rob shoots his load onto her stomach.

The Hooker
Merlin is standing in an empty bar when he's approached by Wendy wearing a bright red dress. Embracing Wendy, Merlin fondles her breasts. Wendy slides down his body. Reaching his pants, she pulls out his prick and swallows. His cock slips down her throat. Unwrapping the red dress, Merlin lifts Wendy onto the bar to get at her pussy. She looks worried, almost toppling over the back as her fanny is licked. Wendy slithers to the floor, on all fours, to be fucked. Not a good move... It's filthy and leaves her knees black. Merlin lies in the muck so Wendy can ride him cowgirl style. Falling forward, Merlin jabs his dick into Wendy's arse then fires his load over her back.

The Music Teacher
Isabel has a new pupil at her music school. Keni has come to learn the trumpet. He blows as hard as he can but fails to get a note. He's hopeless! Unzipping his pants, Isabel shows how a horn should be blown. Keni's cheb disappears down her throat and his balls bang on her chin. With spit trickling down, Isabel undoes her blouse and massages it into her tits. Her knickers down, Isabel sits on the piano stool letting Keni lap at her hairy muff. He fingers her damp hole before pushing in his prick. Wrapping her legs around his body, Isabel pulls Keni against her cunt. Swapping places, Isabel sits on Keni's cock. The piano rocks as the pair bounce. The two drop to the floor and continue doggy. Tugging at her clit, Isabel slams down on Keni's shaft, then kneels to take his cum. Smiling, Isabels runs the cream over her tongue and swallows. Keni needs a lot more practice...

The Teen Housewife
Paul has just moved into the area and knocks at Louise's house to ask if he can park his car outside. Louise invites him in... Her boyfriend is away and she feels horny. Paul is sure he can help. Taking his cock out, Louise licks. Removing her camouflage t-shirt and shorts, Louise stands in her orange lingerie. Paul peels down her panties and laps at her studded pussy. His tongue flicks at her clit ring. Unfastening her bra, Louise shows more of her piecing as she tugs at her nipples. Crouching, Louise's long auburn hair falls over her face as she gives Paul a blow job on the sofa. Sitting up, she slips Paul's dick into her pussy and rides, before being banged from behind. Paul lies among the pile of clothes on the floor. Louise eases his prick into her arse and hammers away. Ready to cum, Paul jerks his jizz into Louise's mouth. She lets it run over her chin.

While the performances from the guys and girls were professional (except for Rob and his limp dick), the same cannot be said about the production or presentation. Both these look very amateurish. A result of cabling and cameras appearing in shot, coupled with substandard editing. I also feel sorry for Wendy and Merlin... Great action, but the pair were hacky-mucky by the time they'd finished shagging on a filthy floor. Someone should have spotted they needed to run the vacuum over the floor! Enough of my household tips... UK Nymphos is not up to par.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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