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Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews
  • Rachel, a very good-looking brunette in a black outfit including thigh boots, removes much of it and uses fingers, dildo and various fruit and veg on herself, finishing by pissing into the fruit bowl
  • Yvonne and Ray, a couple, mature
  • Charlotte and Janet, two brunettes, lesbian. One of these is Karleen
  • Yolanda and Gary. Yolanda, a good-looking light-brunette, begins by using a huge cucumber on herself then her partner joins in, ending with a facial
  • Carol, Nick and Neil. Carol is a bespectacled blonde who calls selling religious pamphlets. Is given a drink, falls asleep and is stripped. She wakes and sex ensues with both, but briefly
  • Jennifer and Peter. Jennifer is a mature brunette who masturbates and gives her partner a blowjob in public places, pisses in the bath, and has sex on the bed
  • Thelma and Shay. Thelma is fair-haired and has a good figure. Shyly strips for the camera then has sex with her partner, including fisting and anal
  • "Louise & Renko. Co. Durham. Pouty blonde Louise silently and passively lets Renko do anything he wants with her firm, young body. And he wants the lot!" These are Tiffany Walker and Carlos in a scene also released by Amanda Charles Films in Teeny Tiffany Special. Anal is included
  • John and Joanne, supposedly a married couple, performing for the guy who makes amateur blues. This scene is also in Amateur Orgies Part 1 where she is called Dianne
  • Wendy [1] and another John (both seen in Cameo collection videos in different scenes) have sex in the kitchen in various positions
  • "Donna, Laura and Scott", i.e. Susan New, Laura Turner. Vigorous threesome to Laura taking a facial

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