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Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews
  • Annie, Stuart and friends - at least two women and two men, begins with a fat brunette. The other brunette is slimmer and better looking. A bit of bondage is included
  • Susie and Paul. Susie is a brunette, mature-ish, reasonable looking, mini-skirted and knickerless to begin with. m/f scene with a little shaving and pissing
  • Shari, Maxine, Alan & Jim. Two blondes, mature-ish, reasonable looking. One couple is fucking on the floor, the other in a chair
  • Simone and Vince. This is Amanda Pickering and Vince is 'Roger Cock' of Northern Exposer (from the voice). He is the cameraman, but this does not prevent an m/f scene where they take it in turns to hold the camera
  • Pauline and Will. A couple, mature brunette
  • Sandra and Dean. Mature, good-looking blonde
  • Nikkita (Amber) and Jamie [2] - lesbian scene
  • Jamie [2] and Tab - m/f scene, cums over her belly
  • Lynne and Keith - amateur couple look like bikers. She is plump with several tattoos

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