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Notes: www.britishvideosex.com, scenes from Dr. Anna series, A8
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This is a series of lesbian scenes featuring Anna St John entertaining her friends at home. Anna is always well turned out in quality lingerie, as are her partners, who always appear in a contrasting colour. Obviously programmes from SexyStockings.com do exactly what they say on the tin.

In the first scene, Anna is in her bedroom with Goldie McHawn. With the girls' bras half off and Anna's knickers still round her ankles the dildo action begins. Later, Anna puts on a large black strap-on, which she fits while still wearing her slip, then it's on with a generous helping of lube and Goldie gets it doggy.

Anna has just finished lunch with Sandra Sayer in scene two when she decides Sandra will be dessert. The action takes place on a window seat and includes a couple of dildos.

In the third scene, Anna is in white and Laura Thompson in black and red. After some initial licking and rubbing, the girls share a big pink dildo. This is a routine scene enlivened towards the end by the introduction of an after dinner mint which Anna rubs over Laura's pussy and then carefully licks it off.

Anna is in the lounge with Laura Turner and Tamara. Tamara is positively under-dressed, and her bra and pants are removed before she is loosely tied against a wall. She is then subjected to a dildo and vibrating balls up the bum. Then its strap-on time. Anna on Tamara, then Laura on Tamara doggy and finally Laura on Anna, or should that be the other way round, as Anna takes the full length of the plastic tool in her pussy cowgirl. Finally Laura is vigorously fingered and cries out "Fuck Me", but the dildos aren't to hand and all the girls collapse together.

Good hard girl-girl action throughout. If wet pussies, rock hard nipples and plenty of French kissing are any guide, then the performers all enjoyed themselves. Top marks for lingerie - not a naked girl in the whole production.

Review by Bayleaf

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