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Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews

Not many amateur models in this one, though some of the cameramen obviously are.

  • Zoe Grant as 'Mel' performs solo using a dildo on a bed
  • Ellese, accented English, pretty teen, solo dildo ending by pissing into a perspex container while sitting on the bed. Possibly a professional or would-be professional model
  • Hayley (brunette, familiar, possible Fiona Cooper model as far as one could see) and Sarah (blonde, Susan New) lesbian scene on bed with far too many close-ups
  • Bev, Linda and Vicky. I don't know who is supposed to be who but one is Melanie Bishop, one is Betty and one is a pretty girl with a rather prominent nose - Wendy [3]
  • Georgie, Tricha and Dave - a couple in late middle age and another male. The only definite amateurs in the whole thing
  • Sharon and Tony. Sharon is Sam [3], dressed as a nurse giving a male patient a bedbath and going on in obvious porno fashion from there
  • Ethel and John. Pretty but very fat Avril
  • Terry and Zoe. Zoe is Sonia Lee and Terry is the cameraman but this doesn't stop him having full sex
  • Robert and Michelle. Michelle (listed as Natasha [6]) I have not seen before but she is a very slim and good-looking brunette with enhanced breasts, but though this gives her a cartoon-like figure it is very sexy. She visits her boyfriend in a very short black skirt and brief top - we see her walking up the stairs to his room. There she says she wants to use his computer and bends over the desk giving him a view of her almost bare behind. A very sexy scene then follows. There is just a suggestion that she has a French accent
  • Leanne and Melvin. Lee-Anne McQueen is visited by Melvin (Mr Slurpy from One-Eyed Jack) in the same flat as is used for her Big Willy scene. Sex scene follows with lots of very wet frigging to a not-very-visible facial

Scenes 7, 8 and 10 are obviously made by the One-Eyed Jack team. Scenes 9 and 10 deservedly share the £500 bonus.

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