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Released: 2000
Director: Phil McCavity
Notes: on DVD with Violet Storm: McCavity's UK Pornstars 1
Notes and Reviews

DVD with Violet Storm. Review copy courtesy of Phil McCavity

Violet's Pussy Technician

Violet meets Bailey after sunbathing on the beach and though he gives her his business card and asks her to ring him to arrange to go out for a drink, she is disappointed he doesn't just ask her for a fuck. So she goes to his place of work and has her way with him over the boxes in the stockroom while his boss is out for an hour. Vigorous sex in various positions to facial then follows. This is shot with the usual professionalism and performed with enthusiasm.

Violet Gets Double Ended

Violet goes shopping for fetish gear and meets a French, blonde amateur photographer who invites her back to her studio so that she can take glamour photographs of her. But this is too tame for Violet and she takes over the camera and then they get into each other - literally - with fingers, tongues, strap-on and double-ended dildo.

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