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Notes: Your Choice
Alternate Titles
  • Filthy English Fuckers 4 DVD available Black Widow Productions
Notes and Reviews
  • Carol and Bob - grossly fat brunette and husband, fisting, anal.
  • Sian and Freddie - Sian is Emma [11] and Freddie is Fat Freddie. Tip - if you are going to choose a Welsh name as an alias it helps if you've actually heard it spoken. It is NOT pronounced Sigh-anne, but Shah-n. Usual stationary camera b/g and pissing in toilet.
  • Nikki (Daniels) and Terry. Mature, slim frizzy haired brunette - b/g alternates with solo dildo, but far too long a scene.
  • Lisa and Bob. Pretty flat-chested brunette uses dildo while squatting on kitchen worktop. Dildo DP then b/g.
  • Jane and Freddie. Jane is Claire Astbury. A bit of acting in this one, then stationary camera b/g.
  • Collette and Paul. Collette is Jo Hadfield pre-boob-job. b/g.
  • Jessie and Mark. Jessie J and bloke on bed - shot by Terry Stephens judging by off-camera voice. Jessie looks great. This would have got the bonus if I was the judge.
  • Terresa and Mike. Terresa is Teresa Daine. More good b/g action.
  • Heather and John. Amateur couple, but Heather is good looking. b/g to facial.
  • Bonus winner - Trish and Scott. A short-haired brunette gives a bloke come-on glances in the street, though this is not really shot from the right angles, and then accosts him. Back inside for b/g action.

More b/g action in this one than usual and a good proportion of good-looking girls.

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