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Notes: Mask Video Productions
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Gilly Sampson: Gilly looks yummy in bra, pants and black hold-ups as she kneels on a bed. The bra is removed and she rubs cream into her tits, later removing her pants and applying more cream: there are several very brief close-ups, and several abrupt cuts make this scene jarring to watch. The close-ups increase as she finger-fucks herself, spreading her lips wide frequently. She then uses a white vibrator, with good penetration. Her dialogue to camera at the start of the scene is overdubbed with muzak. Another 'professional' performance, lacking real heat.

Danielle Mannaken: Set on a lounge sofa. Looking absolutely stunning, her hair up, in basque, thong, stockings, heels and lace gloves and choker, all white, I wish to God she'd done b/g. A long slow strip follows, down to stox and heels, with some lovely close-ups. A small vibe is produced: lubricated only by spit (she's a lady), the penetration is perforce shallow and sporadic. Lovely intro and build-up, however, and she is certainly easy on the eye: I'd have accepted some lubrication here in the spirit of improving the scene.

Sally [3]: Sally sits (somewhat precariously) in a rocking chair, wearing camisole, s&s and pants, all cream. This girl has the most amazing sparkly doe-eyes, and really full lips (the facial ones), combined with large high breasts and long coltish legs (this sounds a little like a description of a yearling at Tattersall's...): a stunner by any standards. She gets down to her hose, after rubbing her pussy through her knicks, and then produces a large black dildo which she 'fellates' as a prelude to a prolonged, vigorous session of deep penetration. She does remarkably well considering the unsuitability of a rocker for this sort of activity.

Lorraine Ansell: In brunette mode here, and red lingerie, s&s and heels, she looks great (apart from a rather pretentious Pompadour beauty spot). The scene is played as if she is watching herself in the bedroom mirror, which adds another welcome note of variety. After stripping slowly to hose and heels, while using a glass of wine as a prop, a gold-top vibe is produced for fairly shallow penetration. A little judicious lube would have greatly improved this scene.

There is no dialogue: sound consists entirely of rather cheesy music. The variations in setting are unusual for a Mask video, and all the more welcome for all that. Gilly's, Lorraine's and Danielle's scenes are all to a degree perfunctory, as one might expect, but the lingerie is a good touch: it is more easy to imagine Sally as really masturbating, especially since she has done so much less of this type of work than the others. A pleasant enough tape if you don't expect too much.

The cuts within scenes are annoying, as are the slo-mo close-ups. Sally wins the prize, for her apparent spontaneity.

Vanessa Brannan introduces each scene.

88 mins.

Review by JJ

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