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Notes: Mask Video Productions
Notes and Reviews

Sarah Daniels: Looks great as usual, in frothy white underthings and woollen over-the knees. She goes through her regular faux-masturbation routine, leading to use of a lubed silver vibe and her trademark 'beached haddock' silent panting, rolling eyes and flushed face. She's got a killer bod, though.

Caroline: White lace-tops and black stilettos (both of which stay on, woo-hoo), a big pink dildo, deeper penetration than in Sarah's scene and more convincing acting. A nice-looking girl.

Louise [8]: A very attractive, short-haired, exotic-looking girl who strips from a black leather waistcoat and bra and pants, and eventually masturbates fairly vigorously with a silver-tipped vibe. The eye-contact to camera is erotic, but a little marred by her occasional glances in search of directiorial instructions. More convincing toward the end of the scene, when she appears to relax a bit, although I found her initial nervousness rather appealing.

Fiona [6]: A not unattractive 'housewife' type, in white s&s, she enthusiastically fingers herself prior to making vigorous use of a large black dildo. Far and away the most convincing scene (a real orgasm in there somewhere?). Best scene by a whisker.

Shots are either middle-distance or close-up, with some choppy editing, but a good watch overall, especially as all the girls are attractive. Links as usual by Vanessa.

84 mins. Music soundtrack (and that's not a recommendation).

Review by JJ

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