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Released: 2001
Director: Mike Beck
Notes: Tabu DVD
Alternate Titles
  • Blas' mir ins' horn!: Die Legenda der Vikinger-Lust-Fanfare
Notes and Reviews

'Tre-mag Sweden presenter' an Aktuell Rapport film distributed by Tabu DVD, choice of German or any of three Scandinavian languages, but not English.

Dir. Mike Beck, probably 2001.

Claudia Wenström (Dora Venter), Nicole Wolf, Nikki Dane, Laura Herman (Laura Hermenson), Aya Nielsen, Katarina Andersson ("Morgan") spelled Catarina in the 'Making of' segment, Betty Dark, Anna-Lena Svensson, Ray Sørenson, Goran Vanster, Samson Biceps

Intro shows Claudia Wenström in b/g/g including DP all in Viking costume.

Claudia Wenström and Nicole Wolf find an old book of Viking legends with an old horn in a barn. Whenever the horn is blown three times everyone nearby gets incredibly horny. They go round trying it out, finally blowing the fanfare at a picnic where most of the cast are present.

  • First victim is Nikki Dane and male.
  • Laura Hermenson and Morgan are masquerading as Scandinavian students (as Laura Herman and Katarina Andersson - they never speak). Claudia blows the horn outside their chalet while they are studying together, and a g/g session results. Then the male cleaner arrives and they have his overalls off in no time flat (anal for Laura). They are also involved in the final orgy.
  • Claudia's mother? or landlady?
  • Studious brunette with specs.
  • Chubby-cheeked brunette (fake redhead growing out) in jodhpurs, b/g.
  • Claudia and Nicole b/g/g and g/g.
  • Final orgy.

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