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Released: 2003
Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews

Pretty young Vicky feels herself up against a council estate wall before going home and giving herself a double-dose of vibrators on the bed.

Jackie (as Suzie) and a Sarah Wright look-a-like on a bed give each other a good seeing to with the plastic in this nice 'n crisp pro shot scene.

Kathy, a young blonde woman with a trim figure, gets shagged on a couch by a black guy called Nick. Well shot scene with Kathy getting a lot of big black cock.

Vicky is an attractive slim young woman with prominent nipples who is lying, dressed in a pvc nurse outfit, on a bed with her partner David. David removes her pants, licks her pussy then fucks her in missionary, spoons and doggy. Despite David not being very big, it is still a very sexy scene thanks to the appeal of Vicky and her uniform.

Slim, pretty and young, Susan is togged out in a police uniform which she partially removes for the camera before inserting her truncheon into her pussy. Kneeling with her bum towards the tripod camera, she waits for Pete to get underneath to lick her then, sideways on, the pair fuck. The scene ends handheld as Susan mounts Pete cowgirl then takes his cum in her mouth dissolving into giggles. Nice.

Gwen is an attractive young slim brunette with tiny tits who gets a massage from partner Terry. Gwen then undresses the older Terry and gives his cock a suck before he fucks her missionary, doggie and spoons. Good clear camerawork gives a clear view of Gwen's shaven pussy getting fucked. Good facial to end.

Perky redhead Maria gives hubby Paul's cock and balls a good sucking before she gets on top and rides him cowgirl. With tiny tits and a neat figure, despite children, she grinds down on Paul, wearing just white hold-ups and white boots. Paul then flips her over, fucking her hard and deep before ending with a weak facial.

Kate is a beautifully large mature lady with long naturally blonde hair, big nipples on big tits and a really luxuriant blonde bush. And this is an object lesson in self-filming. The film starts with Kate rubbing herself through her pants, then quickly cuts to static cam of her and Paul in 69 then fucking in cowgirl. Before we can get bored, Kate moves to the shower, in her knickers, soaping herself then using a banana in her pussy before Paul joins in to fuck her doggy and cum over her bum. In the final part, Kate is on the sofa in a short dress stroking her pussy, then the banana goes in followed by reverse cowgirl with Paul. This last bit in nicely edited, cutting between static long and close-up shots. Ends with hand-held facial. Very good.

Tall and slim Claire looks very smart in a white and black-striped trouser suit. Quickly undressed by pro stud Mike, she gives his cock a quick suck before he mounts her doggie. Good hard sex in lots of positions with deep penetration from a couple and a cameraman who know what they're doing. Good stuff.

Jo is a cute young blonde girl with nice tits and a little puppy fat who has two guys to attend to her on a couch. The older guys, Nick and Paul, get their cocks sucked before she mounts one reverse cowgirl while sucking the other. The end to end stuff continues with sex in missionary and doggy before both guys cum over her tits.

Slim brunette Susan takes her dress off straight away as she lies between Nick and John on a bed. With pierced nipples and clit, she sucks on John's cock then mounts him reverse cowgirl. Nick takes over, noisily fucking her in missionary before the guys suggest anal sex. With John underneath, Susan tentatively takes his whole length in reverse cowgirl while Nick inserts his finger into her pussy. Suitably wet, the trio go for dp. As Susan adjusts her position her whole torso, legs and pussy lips start to quiver. With penetration achieved, Susan relaxes and the guys pound away to Susan's screams of delight. As first Nick then John withdraw, Susan's pussy goes into spasm. After more anal and vaginal sex, John produces a facial and Nick cums over her belly. Extraordinary stuff.

Review by Bayleaf

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