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Released: 2004
Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews

Tara is a mature, short-haired blonde in a maid's outfit and stockings who gives her pussy a pounding with dildo.

Julie and Denise are a pair of older housewives enjoying an amateur lesbian session. Blonde Julie has a nice curvy figure while brunette Denise has a little post-natal sagging. Deep dildo action with pussy licking and a little tongue to tongue activity.

Nina and Freddie. Short version of her scene from Fat Freddie's English Fuckers 4. Static camera scene in hotel room. Very nice performance from Nina which concludes with Freddie's fake cumshots where he squirts fluid from a bottle hidden behind his cock into Nina's face.

Elaine is an attractive amateur brunette giving her pussy a workout with a knob-on-a-stick style vibrator and fingers. Nice scene from an attractive girl who is/could be a model.

Fortysomethings Neil and Doreen have sex on a bed. Well-endowed Neil gives Doreen a good seeing-to which ends with a creampie.

Gaynor is a slim, nervous blonde, who allows husband Jim to fuck her in most positions without a lot of passion. Nice to see a full untouched bush, and the scene ends with another internal finish.

Sarah is a sexy young blonde model who is in a studio for an audition. She gets a short clinical fucking on a couch from stud Lee who pulls out and explodes over her belly. Not seen Sarah elsewhere but she should be a star if she continues.

A professional performance from pro-am couple Lisa & Mike. Neat blonde Lisa, in white basque and stockings, gets a good afternoon shagging from husband Mike. This is good amateur stuff.

Eliza & Calvin in a scene shot in John Mason's attic bedroom, probably before she went to the US. While black Calvin gives it to her hard and straight, Eliza manages to look distracted and bored which, to my mind, characterises all her performances. Lengthy scene ends with cumshot over bum.

In the first £250 bonus scene, sweet young brunette Stacey is interviewed in a hotel room after answering an ad for porn models. Stacey is introduced to 'stud' Wayne who almost certainly must be her boyfriend/husband as she has his name tattooed on her arm. Wayne is well-endowed and gives Stacey a fine shagging in all positions including some gentle anal, which is clearly lit and filmed. Stacey has a very good figure, performs very well and she would, if it were down to me, pass the audition and make lots more films.

The second bonus scene starts promisingly with slim attractive redhead Karen, in white basque and stockings, undressing black Karl. Regrettably Karen is out of her underwear too quickly and Karl is penetrating her from behind against the window. Almost all the rest of the scene is filmed in close-up, so we get 15 minutes of Karl's black bum going up and down. Very few long shots or reactions from Karen. Excellent talent let down by poor camerawork. Ends with facial.

Review by Bayleaf

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