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Released: 2006
Director: Di Santo
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 120 mins.

DiSanto and his team should be credited for attempting something new in Voyeurcam Cum-Sluts, a mix of supposedly hidden cameras and Point of View shots. Unfortunately, as in so many of their films, good ideas have been let down by indifferent production.

Sabrina is in control of the security cameras in a building and she spends all day snooping on the sex lives of its occupants.

In the first room she focuses on a guy who is sitting reading when Grace Moraji enters in her black lingerie and stockings. She wants fucking but the bloke is having none of it. Dragging down his pants and wrapping her lips around his shaft, Grace laps and slaps his tool on her face until he eventually takes notice. She rubs his dick in her cleavage before poking her tonsils. The guy spanks her bum. Grace rips her stockings as she mounts the cock. Her pussy lips press against his balls as she grinds away. Her buttocks rosy red, she bends to be taken from behind and her tits wobble with each thrust. Initially a reluctant participant, the guy is now eager to hammer away at Grace's hole. He pulls out to be wanked into her mouth.

The camera is next switched onto Donna Marie. In her tight black top and denim skirt she sits beside a guy. He watches as she slips her nipples out of her black bra and starts to play. A couple of fingers enter Donna's fanny as she talks. In a rather restrained performance by Donna's standards, she sucks on the fellow's cock before covering it with a condom and easing it into her cunt. The two move through various positions, sometimes slightly out of focus, before Donna gets her tits covered in spunk.

In a rather tired looking set, Renee Richards waits in a sexy black dress and high heels. She runs her hands up and down her legs, slipping a finger into her black knickers. Lying back on the sofa she drops her panties and pulls at her pussy, a big pink toy is at hand which goes deep into her damp hole. Renee slowly wanks. Having satisfied herself she dresses again.

Sabrina slips out of her smart business suit and lies across a guy's lap to suck on his dick. Bending right forward she buries his cock down her throat. Saliva dribbles down over his balls as she moves her fanny over his face and the two 69. Sabrina rides him reverse then cowgirl before turning onto her side to be taken spoons. With her down on all fours, he jams his prick hard in her pussy and hammers away before finishing her off missionary. Pulling out, Sabrina gets her stomach showered in jizz. She scrapes it up with her fingers.

In a very short scene, Sabrina leaves her screens to ask for a pay rise. A faceless man sits with his dick hanging out while she gives him a blow job. He cums over her fingers.

It's three in a row for Sabrina as she performs a solo in her bright red lingerie. As she talks on the phone her hands caress her body. She pulls at her tits and pops a finger into her pussy. Rolling over, she continues to wank. Applying a big glob of lube to her pussy she slides in a knobbled glass toy. She perches on the back of the sofa, her pussy dripping as she finger fucks. Phone call over, she slips it into her cunt hole and it rings for her.

Renee appears in the final scene ... because of poor lighting she appears bright orange!! She has been kept waiting, but a guy eventually turns up. The pair argue and fall back onto the sofa. Before long Renee has swallowed his big black cock, as he pulls down the black dress to get to her tits. The two 69, the guy rubbing his nose against her clit as he tongues. With wobbly camerawork the two shag, cowgirl then doggy. The session ends with Renee being taken missionary and the guy firing over her face.

Had a little more effort been put into the production, this could have been a winner. As it is the sets look jaded, the camerawork wobbly and out of focus and the lighting deplorable, especially in the final scene where Renee turned carrot coloured. There is also the question of scene ordering - why three in a row from Sabrina? Surely the best place to put the one where she wants a rise is at the end of the film after she has watched everyone else. Voyeurcam Cum-Sluts is way off the mark.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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